Chris Hemsworth's back in Foxtel ads

27 September 2017

Creative Agency: TBWA Sydney

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Thor is back embracing life’s unplanned moments.

Chris Hemsworth is back in the latest foxtel ads, using Foxtel’s iQ3, the Foxtel app and the Foxtel Kids app as he faces up to some real life challenges.

The ad, created by TBWA and Foxtel’s in-house agency Felix, aims to show that it's life’s unplanned moments that make it what it is - whether you’re Hemsworth, or just a regular Joe.

“Foxtel’s premium range of products are built to withstand all the interruptions, distractions, mishaps and accidents that can keep us from our favourite entertainment,” it says, emphasising that Foxtel offers multi platform solutions so that you never have to miss an episode.

Features it’s pushing include streaming from On Demand, being able to start your show over if you have missed the beginning with iQ3, the Foxtel App and the Kids app.

Rob Farmer, director of brand and marketing, says: “It’s been a pleasure collaborating with Chris Hemsworth on this new work. His self-deprecation is on show again, this time to help us draw customers’ attention to our iQ3 box and apps, which ensure you can connect with the content you love, even when life gets in the way.”

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