Chapel Street Precinct celebrates International Women's Day

6 March 2020

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SO CHAPEL celebrates women being unapologetic with their life choices.

A bold and eyebrow-raising campaign that shows women being unapologetic with their life choices is being rolled out by Australia’s leading shopping precinct to commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8.

The campaign by Melbourne’s Chapel Street Precinct entitled ‘SO CHAPEL’, celebrates women who adore outrageous hairstyles, aren’t embarrassed by their gluttonous adoration of food, love to party at any age and unashamedly flaunt their love of cosmetic enhancement.

A significant spike of 5% in new beauty, health and fitness businesses opening in Chapel Street Precinct over the past six months was the motivation behind the campaign.

“Women have been made to feel embarrassed by their life choices and bodies for centuries, there’s no room for that outdated way of thinking in Chapel Street Precinct,” CSPA general manager Chrissie Maus says.

“We have flipped the narrative - if laser or Botox makes you feel good about yourself, then that’s all that matters. We have seen record amounts of businesses opening in the beauty, health and fitness sector and despite the global retail economy.

"This sector has had continual growth and shows no signs of slowing down. We have seen an additional average YOY increase in spending of $20 from women shopping during the day in Chapel Street Precinct. If you can’t do it on a computer - it’s opening or thriving in Chapel Street Precinct.”

According to Bernard Salt, Chapel Street Precinct also boasts one of the world’s most diverse and unique communities.

A City of Stonnington report showed 36% of residents were born internationally, making it more diverse than New York City (29%).

This statistic is reflected in the women of Chapel Street Precinct who come in all shapes, colours, sizes and ages.

The first video in the series is for all the women who love getting their hands dirty and love eating.

Never before has a side of ribs dripping with barbecue sauce looked so delicious - Chapel Street regular Judith (from South Yarra) is in her element. 

The second video is for those who live for the craziest, unique hairstyle that will turn heads. Luna’s hair is next level - literally.

The third video of the series celebrates all the women who love using cosmetic enhancements to stay looking youthful.

Pauline is 73-years old - but you could never tell. She actually looks decades younger.

The fourth video celebrates women who still love to get dressed up, head out with their best gal friend and hit Chapel Street for a well-deserved drink and party at any age.

Chapel Street Precinct is proudly run by women, proving it understands women better than most. This includes the new CEO of Stonnington, Jacqui Weatherill.

“The Chapel Street Precinct is a driving force for Melbourne’s hospitality, fashion and retail industries with many businesses run by women for women," Weatherill says.

"I’m excited to support the Chapel Street Precinct Association’s campaign for International Women’s Day."

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