CarsGuide strikes at competitors

25 June 2015

Creative Agency: BWM Dentsu Sydney

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CarsGuide has taken a cheeky pop at its competitors, invoking divine wrath in its brand war against CarSales.

CarsGuide has had a cheeky pop at direct competitor CarSales via a campaign orchestrated by BWM Dentsu.

It put up a billboard on Punt Road in Melbourne last weekend right next to CarSales' head office with the message “let lightning strike those who sell your contact details to dealers”.

With the billboard up, it then floated a blimp over the office with a lightning bolt on it, with both message and blimp in sight of drivers-by.

“In January, we completely changed our business model, offering an open and transparent transaction experience compared to that of our competitor," CarsGuide head of marketing Glen Knowles said.

"BWM Dentsu has created a campaign that is an excellent reflection of our ongoing journey to become consumer champions.

“The blimp and the billboard aren’t your usual campaign elements and BWM Dentsu has done another great job on bringing to life our difference as a brand.”

The campaign also includes radio and TV commercials, and runs until August.


Creative Agency: BWM Dentsu
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Belgiovane
Executive Creative Director: Asheen Naidu
Creative Director: Shanan Goldring
Writer: Zac Pritchard
Head of Business Development: Jen Peace
Senior Producer: Simon Holdaway
Onscreen Producer: Margot Fitzpatrick

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