CarAdvice launches first mass market campaign

13 October 2015

Creative Agency: The Monkeys

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CarAdvice journos go to the ends of the earth to test vehicles. Its first mass market campaign shows exactly how far they go.

And that can mean wearing a kangaroo suit to test out headlines, or letting you hair down to give the wind deflector a try.

CarAdvice MD and CEO Andrew Beecher said: “Whilst the TVC portrays a fictional world of The Advisors, it's not far off a typical day at CarAdvice.  We obsessively test every new car that comes onto the market - every day we drive, review and rate new cars.

" Our office discussions around cars are often of epic proportions as we seek to educate, enlighten and hopefully entertain Australian audiences.  This gives us our internal mantra of ‘every new car, every last detail’ and The Monkeys’ creative has nailed that beautifully with a comical spin that captures the entire heart and soul of our brand” 

The campaign will run across TV, cinema, OOH and digital.

The Monkeys executive creative director Scott Nowell said: “The CarAdvice journos really do test every detail of every new car, so it’s kind of hard to exaggerate the lengths they go to. The Advisors campaign celebrates this attention to detail in a way that stays true to the brand’s commitment to being entertaining rather than boring people to death with car waffle. ”

Agency: The Monkeys
Executive Creative Director: Scott Nowell 
Head of TV Production: Thea Carone 
Agency Producer: Melissa Petryszyn
Senior Art Director / Copywriter: Scott Dettrick
Senior Copywriter: Brandon Mugar
Managing Director: Matt Michael
Content Director: Emma Ashworth
Content Manager: Siena Shuttler 
Executive Planning Director: Fabio Buresti
Planning Director: Michael Hogg

Production Company: Goodoil
Director: Fiona McGee
Goodoil Producer: Claire Richards
Post Production: The Editors
Editor: Stu Morely
Sound: Songzu
Client: CarAdvice
Managing Director & CEO: Andrew Beecher
Product and Marketing Director: Scott Davison 
Marketing Assistant: Kathryn Marshall

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