Caleb & Brown's 'Everyone and their Doge' via Chello

1 August 2022

Creative Agency: Chello

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"We know, more than anyone, that unsolicited advice, rumour and opinion is rife in today’s crypto market."

Caleb & Brown, a cryptocurrency brokerage firm, has released 'Everyone and their Doge'.

The campaign, developed with creative agency Chello, focuses on the character Peter battling through a world of opinions on cryptocurrency as he gets his morning coffee, reflecting the modern day culture of unfiltered advice prevalent in the crypto-world. 

Chris Nedelkos, marketing manager at Caleb & Brown, said: “Caleb & Brown was created to help our clients navigate the potential of the cryptocurrency market, by providing personalised broker services that give our clients confidence as they trade."

"We know, more than anyone, that unsolicited advice, rumour and opinion is rife in today’s crypto market, and can be hard to ignore. We wanted to show that while everyone might have an opinion, we have facts”.

Chello’s strategy director, David Coupland, said: “Caleb & Brown’s success has been delivered on the foundations that cryptocurrency is a legitimate financial investment, and has always operated above the mainstream hysteria that often surrounds the asset class."

"This refresh needed to truly reflect the reality of crypto’s legitimacy, and communicate Caleb & Brown’s singular role as the world’s leading cryptocurrency brokerage”

The campaign will be released via BVOD.


Caleb & Brown
CEO: Jackson Zeng
Marketing Manager: Chris Nedelkos
CTO: Joseph Bradley
Broker: Samuel Buirski

Strategy Director: David Coupland
Creative Director: Tristan Velasco
Design Director: Natalie Wong
Senior Copywriter: Charlie Roberts
Account Director: Drou Angelides
Director, Editor & VFX: Shea Bennett
Producer: Ceri Jones
Production Assistant: Lauren Barrett
Designer: Rebecca Odey
Motion Designer & Editor: Isabelle Coury

Director of Photography: Mitch Ayres
1st Camera Assistant: Louis Lau
2nd Camera Assistant: Matt Wideman
Steadicam Op: Jason Rodriguez
Gaffer: Simon Walsh
Best Boys: Clay Elliot & Tobias Andersson
Sound Recordist: Ben Hoofft
Production Designer: Bianca Chong
Hair & Make-up: Sandra Wograndi
Photographer: Oliver Freeman
Photo Assistant: Joe Kennedy
Composer: Austin Benjamin
Colourist: Nicholas Andrews
Sound Mix: Mighty Sound
Taska media
Partner & Digital Lead: Shaun Warry
Soul + Wolf
Digital Marketing Manager: John Rosato

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