Breeders Choice encourages people to choose better

21 October 2020

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The Choose Better, Choose Ginger campaign launched this week via a collaboration of independent Melbourne agencies.

Australian cat litter brand Breeders Choice produced by FibreCycle, has made a bold move to get pet owners caring more about cats’ waste with a series of animated videos featuring a new tagline and a full marketing program.

The Choose Better, Choose Ginger campaign launched this week via a unique collaboration of independent Melbourne agencies led by brand and marketing consultancy The Sister and creative agency Mother Tongue.

The animation series follows the playful antics of Ginger the kitten going about its ‘business’ while highlighting the many benefits of Breeders Choice.

The insight-driven campaign hopes to engage with cat-loving audiences and make them think twice about what they’re picking up in store.

“Most litter brands are produced by manufacturers who also make pet food, so they focus on what goes into the cat - our sole focus is on what comes out and helping pet owners make the better choice for their cats," says The Sister founder Brooke Tierney.

“We know that when it comes to cat litter, most consumers can’t tell you which brand they buy, it’s usually a description of the packaging or what it’s made from - paper, clay or crystals.

"Breeders Choice is well known as ‘the one with the ginger cat on the front’. Working with the creative team at Mother Tongue, we saw an opportunity to help educate consumers about what’s actually in their litter boxes and have some fun with it at the same time."

The Sister acts as the FibreCyle International brand team, creating an in-house marketing team which can flex and expand on an ‘as needs’ basis.

This unique business model has led to a collaborative multi-agency approach for the brand re-positioning and demonstrates a smart way to do business in the post-covid world.

“Working with The Sister who operate as an integrated arm of FibreCycle was a brilliant way of streamlining the creative process," says Mother Tongue creative director Tina Funder.

"It was an exciting project for an innovative brand who wants to push the boundaries. We love where we have ended up creatively, Ginger certainly stands out from the category, and we got there by collaborating with a talented bunch of smart operators.”

The animation series, which will run across multiple markets including Australia and the UK, will be complemented by online advertising, social media, influencer marketing and media relations.

The campaign is the work of a number of independent Melbourne agencies and consultants.


Client: Breeders Choice (FibreCycle)
Managing Director: Steve Adams, FibreCycle
CMO: Brooke Tierney, The Sister for FibreCycle
Marketing Manager: Kirstin O’Brien, The Sister for FibreCycle
Community Manager: Jack Arthur, The Sister for FibreCycle

Brand & Creative Strategy: Brooke Tierney, The Sister
Communications planning: Kate Provan, KgCommunications
Media Buying: Spark Foundry
PR: Jacinta Chapman, Terri Heard, Georgia Ahern & Catherine Schwerdt, Thrive PR + Communications

Creative Agency: Mother Tongue
Creative Direction: Tina Funder
Art Direction: Lana Daubermann
Design: Julia Cornelius
Illustration & animation: Marco Palmieri
Sound production: Abes Audio

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