Apple AirPod release first TV ad

16 January 2017

Advertiser: Apple

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The TV advertising for Apple's AirPods begins.

Apple has released its first TV ad for its controversial wireless headphones, AirPods.

The campaign, 'Stroll', shows freestyle dancer Lil' Buck defying gravity as he walks and dances his way through the streets, walls and roofs of Mexico City. He floats from pavement to walls and shop fronts effortlessly to Marian Hill's song 'Down' to capture the freedom AirPods offer.

The ad is thought to be by Los Angeles based advertising agency TBWA\Media Arts Lab and follows on from Apple's 'practically magic' iPhone 7 campaign from last year. It focuses on the 'magic' of completely wireless headphones. Though Bluetooth wireless headphones have been around for some time AirPods are Apple's first.

Although centred on the concept of freedom and moveability, AirPod products are in limited supply worldwide, which may be the reason the ads were held off until after the holiday season.

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