Alzheimer's facts the key message in new HBT campaign

3 September 2015

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Bringing the truth about Alzheimer's in line with the public perception of the disease is the objective of HBT's latest campaign.

Melbourne creative outfit HBT have partnered with Alzheimer’s Australia Vic to create two TV campaigns that present the devastating reality about dementia.

The campaign, which airs from September 6, aims to raise awareness about the chronic condition which is now the the second leading cause of death in Australia after heart disease.

Alzheimer’s Australia Vic briefed HBT to show that people fighting the disease are not alone and there are support services available.

HBT Director David Hayes said it was critical “not shy away from illustrating the harsh realities faced by those who live with dementia – but rather, to focus on them.

A visual analogy for the deteriorating brain was our breakthrough. This was essential to achieve cut through and ensure the facts resounded with viewers.”

Alzheimer’s Australia Vic CEO Maree McCabe said the public perception of dementia is greatly at odds with the reality of the disease.

"HBT’s confronting response to our brief will make a significant inroad towards bridging this knowledge gap. A greater understanding of this disease will help to effect change. Even a small change in levels of understanding in the community can make a big difference in the life of someone who is living with dementia,” she said.

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