Aldi says no to pointless loyalty reward schemes

16 October 2018

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Aldi says no to 'Pointless' loyalty reward schemes, urging shoppers to abandon them.

Aldi has launched a new campaign, continuing its ‘Good Different’ positioning.

The campaign centres around loyalty reward schemes, urging customers not to fall for these programs.

Named the ‘Pointless Points’ campaign, the 30-second ad features a customer achieving a high point level only to be given a ‘pointless’ reward and forced to join a cult-like group of shoppers.

“Loyalty schemes are a bit like stamp collecting. You’ll spend loads of time and money building your collection, hoping that one day you’ll trade them for a fortune. But that day never comes and you realise you just wasted all your weekends attending swap meets. Aldi don’t do loyalty schemes, because it would stop them being able to give shoppers the lowest possible prices – simple,” BMF’s general manager Paul Coles says.

“When it costs you $356,000 in groceries to earn enough points for an outdated laptop, something’s not right. While we all suspect that loyalty schemes don’t provide value for money, there’s something deeply psychological in our devotion to the points. It needed to be called out, and there’s nobody better to do it than Aldi,” BMF executive creative director Alex Derwin says.

The ‘Pointless Points’ campaign launched on Sunday and will appear on TV, in OOH, online, social, in store and catalogue.


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