Airtasker launches TVC shot entirely via video calls

23 April 2020

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It features real-life Taskers.

The latest ad campaign from Airtasker has been shot entirely via video calls.

It features real-life Taskers, and celebrates the resilience, agility and community spirit of Australians during these difficult times.

"Our Taskers continue to inspire us, not just by how they’re ‘getting on with it’ but also by how they’ve used their unique skills to adapt to the current situation," Airtasker co-founder and CEO Tim Fung says.

"COVID-19 has had an impact on every individual - but it’s wonderful to see how resilient people are and how they adapt and grow during these difficult times.”

The uplifting TVC offers a glimpse into Taskers’ lives and homes under social distancing measures.

Acknowledging that times are tough, each of the Taskers opens up about the impact that the current crisis has had on them and their families.

They go on to offer messages of support and a reminder that even though our lives have changed, we aren’t alone and we should lean on, and look after each other.

The film concludes with an uplifting message, reminding Australians that despite the hardships faced right now, this time will pass, make us kinder and that “Together, we will bounce back stronger.”

“It was important for us to check in with our community over this time," Airtasker brand lead Sarah May says.

"When we asked about their experiences over the last weeks, we heard some powerful stories of hope and optimism we thought it would be awesome to share with Australia.

"We toyed around with shooting the ad using a skeleton crew at a distance but pretty quickly realised that it wasn’t going to work under current social distancing rules. So, we decided to shoot it all using video conferencing from our Taskers’ homes, with all the realities of kids, dogs and housemate walk-ins that make it human.”

"There are a couple of categories of TVCs emerging through COVID-19 challenges: stock footage with text overlays and presenters sending messages of hope. Our Taskers represent the fabric of Australia and are raw, unscripted and uplifting, sharing their own messages of resolve to inspire others.”

The work was created by creative agency Two Mad Cowboys.

Matt Sterne, Two Mad Cowboys creative agency, said: "Directing a TVC via a video conference was an unusual experience with its own unique challenges to get your head around.

"There’s nothing like that authentic eye contact and body language you get on set and when you strip that away, you can lose that human connection - a sign of the times we can all relate to.

"Despite this, it was a laid back and down to earth glimpse into home life with Taskers that all have that entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm for getting on with life. Only one line was scripted, the rest was off the cuff, complete with the babies, dogs and cats that for once were welcomed to do whatever they wanted."

The 30-second TVC is live and will run across the 7’s free-to-air, 7plus and Airtasker’s social channels. 

Client: Sarah May, Brand Lead Airtasker
Creative Partner: Matt Sterne, Two Mad Cowboys
Producer: Henry Richardson, Painted Black
Taskers in order of appearance: Nathan K & bub, Tara S, Annika dB & Tuxedo, Damien & Sherlock, Nicola W, Samantha G, Robbie R, Sherrie W, Alex B, Mark K, Steve H, Vivia T

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