Your Best Days Are Ahead Of You

12 December 2013

Advertiser: Open Universities Australia
Creative Agency: DDB Melbourne

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Hope for the future isn't limited to children. Open University wants grown-ups to reclaim that same sense of joie de vivre.

Using special effects, the adults are transformed into a kind-of kidult (but not the Vodafone kind), talking about their aspirations.

“Everyone feels stuck at some point in their life, and we know that education is life changing,” OUA's Claire Hopkins said. “We love that this ad connects with that hope of getting 'unstuck' of putting people in control to create a different reality.”

DDB Melbourne executive creative director Darren Spiller said: “There's a lot of truth in the old adage today is the first day of the rest of your life. But it's often difficult to have boundless faith in the future you're headed for. Especially as you get 'older' and 'wiser', and leave many of your hopes behind along the way.”

Spiller added the focus of the campaign is showing people they can regain control over their own future.

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