Wolf of Wall Street

22 January 2014

Advertiser: Roadshow
Media Agency: OMD Sydney

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Money, women, booze and drugs. The Wolf of Wall Street trailer promises all that and much more. A promotional outdoor campaign for the movie is also letting money talk.

Roadshow Films has partnered with JCDecaux Innovate to create custom built city light panels that contain real cash. The panels will contain $100 bills to the value of $10,000. Thanks to a fan within the outdoor panels, the poster starring Leonardo DiCaprio's character Jordan Belfort will be surrounded by a whirlwind of fluttering $100 bills.

JCDecaux Australia general manager of sales Max Eburne said: “When it comes to pushing the boundaries of the out-of-home format, you don’t get much more interesting and surprising than this!

“We love the fact that Roadshow challenge us to conceive and deliver great creative concepts, and we know that this campaign will truly stop people in their tracks.”

The campaign launched yesterday (21 January) ahead of tomorrow's release of the film and will end on January 27. Panels will appear in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Security will also be guarding the panels to ensure no one steals the cash.


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