There's Nothing like Australia

31 May 2010

Advertiser: Tourism Australia

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TV Director: Michael Gracey 

Production Company: Prodigy Films

Post Production: The Lab

Music: Josh Abrahams

Music production: Trackdown Studios, Fishtank Recording and Nylon

Photography: Anson Smart

Tourism Australia today launched the second phase of the global campaign to promote Australia, created by its global agency partner DDB Sydney.  Designed to invite the world to discover Australia for themselves, the campaign focuses on what is unique and iconic to Australia – its people and its landscape – through online, print and video.

Shot by acclaimed director Michael Gracey, behind the tremendously successful T-mobile campaign and YouTube's most watched commercial, the Evian Roller Babies, the campaign video will connect consumers with Australia’s landscapes and people through a song, jointly composed by musician Josh Abrahams and DDB Sydney, which is sung by a variety of Australians amidst various iconic Australian locations.  

Taking inspiration from the first phase of activity, the print and video elements of the campaign build on these ideas based on consumer research and trade insights.  

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