Mr. Vanderhoof

5 May 2014

Advertiser: Devondale
Creative Agency: DDB Melbourne

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Devondale is putting some horsepower behind its latest product launch. Literally. Mr. Vanderhoof is half man, half horse. But not in the classical centaur way.

Vanderhoof is also a teacher, who specialises in both maths and geography. That's a good mix, reckon the kids, and that blend of fruity, dairy goodness is the, ahem, mane thrust of the spot.

The campaign, created by DDB Melbourne, is “pushing the boundaries a little more. Making sure that we spice it up and keep it fresh," according to DDB Melbourne executive creative director, Darren Spiller.

Agency: DDB Melbourne
Darren Spiller - Executive Creative Director
Simon Bagnasco - Creative Director
Mike Fritz - Art Director
Chris Hanrahan - Copywriter
Simon Thomas - Head of Broadcast
Carol Sinclair - TV Producer
Lisa D'Amico/Naomi Gorringe - Group Business Director
Julia Sheehan - Business Director
Kirsten Tidswell/Hannah O'Brien - Business Executive

Production Companies: Exit Films & Tool of North America
Benji Weinstein - Director
Alice Grant - Producer
Corey Esse & Emma Lawrence - Executive Producer
Ryley Brown - DOP
Fiona Dann at The Casting Institute - Casting
Dave Whittaker of The Editors - Offline Editor
Ziggy Zigouras at Method Studios - Online Editor
Colin at Gusto Music - Sound

Client: Devondale
Suzanne Douglas - General Manager, Innovations, Marketing & Special Projects
Pam Burnett - Head of Retail Marketing
Adam Hamilton - Marketing Manager, Innovation
Joanna Teoludzka - Brand Manager, Innovation

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