The past year has brought major developments for creative and digital shop Host. It lured big brands such as Yoplait, King Island Dairy and Ella Bache, while retaining key clients Bankwest and Air New Zealand.

Its biggest news, however, was the launch of its Singapore office in January, with foundation clients including the Coca-Cola Company and Tourism WA. Host recruited former Ogilvy Singapore managing director Dan Gibson to the office. The announcement also brought changes among its Sydney staff, with managing director Suzie Shaw promoted to chief operating officer. Anomaly New York’s Laura Aldington also returned to the local shop as managing director.

The changes didn’t stop there. March brought the end of its positioning as an ‘agency without a creative department’, enlisting two executive creative directors. Sydney’s Bob Mackintosh was elevated to the top job, while former Monkeys creative Noah Regan took on creative duties for Singapore.

The next 12 months are likely to bring even more developments, with possible offices in San Francisco and Shanghai. San Francisco is more likely as the next office. Stay tuned.
Sourced from AdNews Agency Report Card, May 31 2013 edition.

What they say:

Hello. We are Host. We deliver ambitious ideas for adventurous clients. Ideas that go beyond advertising for clients prepared to out-think, rather than out-spend their competition. We aim to create ideas that people want to talk about, placing digital and social media front and centre to deliver the greatest possible reach and results. We built the Agency with collaboration and flexibility at its core, able to develop the diverse range of creative solutions our clients require.

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