RETAIL MARKETING REPORT The 10 golden rules of retail advertising

By AdNews | 7 May 2002
Ideaworks creative director Jono McCauley on the most important creative principles: Rule 1: Stand out As Bill Bernbach once said: ÒIf your ad goes unnoticed, everything else is academic.Ó Rule 2: Less is more The more you try to squeeze in, the less the viewer can take out. Rule 3: DonÕt waste your money on advertising, invest in a property Invest in a character, music, a colour, a tagline or mnemonic that offers continuity and brand communication. Rule 4: Make them laugh, make them cry, make them think, make them buy You must emotionally connect with your customer before you can sell to them. Rule 5: Build the idea around the brand Great ideas come from the brand. The brand name shouldnÕt just be tacked on to the end of an ad. Rule 6: When youÕre on to a good thing, stick to it Campaigns like ÒWoolworths, the fresh food peopleÓ show the force of continuity. Consumers love it more every year. Rule 7: Be different If your advertising looks like someone elseÕs, you are advertising for someone else. Rule 8: Big ideas are more important than big budgets You can achieve a lot without spending a lot of money. ThereÕs power in a simple idea. Rule 9: You donÕt have to yell to be noticed Talk to your consumers in your advertising the same way you do in your store. Rule 10: DonÕt talk to yourself Avoid ads created just to impress the industry. They may be entertaining, but they donÕt increase sales.

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