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Newsmaker: Mad mag man

He’s saying nothing about his exit after 22 years at news limited but the Germans pounced on Tony Kendall quick. He tells Paul McIntyre magazines will return to double-digit ad growth in a year. more »

The Sell: In your face, churn

You may know about her past. You may also know about her goals for Mindshare. But after AdNews broke the story of her promotion to chief executive, Katie Rigg-Smith told us a few things you didn’t know about her. She spoke with Damian Francis. more »

Editor's Letter: TV is turning it on

As the cold weather closes in, the TV networks have pulled on the heavyweight boxing gloves earlier than expected, writes Damian Francis. more »

The Sell: Going public

The Hallway has shied away from media attention in the past, but with new hires and a new way of thinking, it’s coming out of its shell. Damian Francis speaks to Jules Hall and Simon Lee. more »

The Big Picture: Gasp! Social media and TV – the sky won’t fall in

Brain science has just come to the rescue of TV broadcasters - and the hardcore digerati won’t be pleased. Paul McIntyre reports. more »

Editor's Letter: Branded media bombshells

The Tom Waterhouse saga has filled the media for the last week, but could this be a sign of things to come? Damian Francis ponders. more »

Newsmaker: Back to the basics

Big data has caused media buyers, advertising agencies and business in general to rethink the way they operate. Google’s Karim Temsamani believes the vast information around today deserves more respect from big business. He talks to Damian Francis. more »

The Marketer: True blue

If you’re a big multinational brand with a funny name, how do you win the hearts and minds of Australians? Wenlei Ma sits down with Allianz’s Dominic Brandon to find out. more »

The Marketer: Kyle goes coconuts

He’s better known for his controversial radio show on 2DayFM, but Kyle Sandilands is branching out. Damian Francis catches up with Sandilands and his business partners David Freeman and Andrew Hawkins to find out where. more »

The Sell: Simon Bookallil and Emil Vrisakis

Simon Bookallil and Emil Vrisakis know a thing or two about the good times and how fast they can turn. But the boys are back with a new outfit called Bashful. They talk history and the future with Paul McIntyre. more »

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