Your first 48 hours after redundancy

Kirsty Tavae
By Kirsty Tavae | 9 April 2024
Kirsty Tavae

In the last five months, I have encountered numerous people who have faced redundancy.

Across various departments like Account Services, Production, Creative, Talent Acquisitions, and Media, I receive outreach almost daily, with people expressing, "I have recently been made redundant, please help me, what should I do."

During our conversations, my advice is simple: take a break. Yes, you read that right - reset.

Take time to work through the emotions of anger, stress, and anxiety caused by the uncertainty. Allow yourself a two-day break to reset.

Indulge in a Netflix marathon, take a short trip, declutter your space, or do anything that brings you joy, but avoid stressing about job hunting.

The next 48 hours

After your mental reset, jot down what you enjoyed and disliked about your previous role.

This activity will assist you in clarifying your preferences for your next role and prompting essential Qs when your interviewing.

Consider exploring freelance opportunities. Embracing the freelance path for a few short contracts is another valid option to help you decide what you want in your next role.

Get your tools ready.

Your resume: Highlight your key skills and accomplishments, ensuring they are tailored to the type of roles you are interested in. Consider adding quantifiable achievements to demonstrate your impact in your last role.

Remember to keep your language professional yet approachable.  By crafting a compelling narrative in your CV, you will not only capture the attention of potential employers but also set yourself apart from other candidates in this competitive job market.

Your LinkedIn: Update your content to reflect any new achievements and certifications.  The open to work banner is a personal choice.  You can turn on that feature or leave it off as you work through what your wanting to get from your next role.

Connect with all the people that may be a future boss.  Network!  Let market know you’re a casualty of redundancy and are available now.

You got this!

Kirsty Tavaemanaging director, TKR Recruitment.

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