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Sebastian Klett
By Sebastian Klett | 30 August 2023
Sebastian Klett.

Sebastian Klett, Director of Strategy and Solution Architecture, Balance.

In a time when online and real-world activities are increasingly blending together, Creative Commerce is a new way of thinking that's changing how we do business. 

Events like Viva Technology 2023, the annual technology conference dedicated to innovation and startups, earlier this year have been instrumental in showcasing this transformation, where creativity, technology, and commerce merge to forge new pathways.

Creative Commerce - A dynamic shift in engagement 

Creative Commerce goes beyond mere transactions. It's about crafting immersive, experiential narratives that resonate with customers profoundly. The evolution from static displays to interactive platforms has led brands to utilise multimedia content and innovative storytelling to build connections beyond sales.

A striking example is 'Save Your Wardrobe', the repair and care service platform provider recognised at Viva Technology 2023's LVMH Innovation Awards. The platform connects users with services that preserve and revitalise their garments, fostering a circular economy. For brands, partnering with applications like this extends the brand experience, deepening emotional connections with consumers.

Breaking barriers - Cultivating an ecosystem of innovation

Creative Commerce calls for a radical departure from traditional divisions within organisations. Unifying marketing, design, commerce, and technology ensures that creativity is at commerce's core. This synergy creates an ecosystem that enables brands to resonate with consumers cohesively, flipping conventional ways of working on their heads.

Consider Absolute Labs, for example. While positioned as a Web3 CRM and growth marketing platform, their approach is more holistic. The platform uses data, insights, and connectivity, demonstrating how retail sectors, including luxury brands, can manage and nurture customer relationships. It's not just about providing a platform; it's about rethinking how these entities interact and grow.

Beyond transaction to experience - The art of storytelling

Creative Commerce's essence lies in its ability to transform simple transactions into enriching experiences. By shifting from mere product information to a holistic product experience, brands pave the way for deeper and more fulfilling consumer interactions.

This transformation redefines the approach to commerce, emphasising creation over mere optimisation, laying the foundation for a dynamic and responsive connection with customers. 

The movement from static transactions to vibrant storytelling is not a theoretical concept but a live trend being adopted by innovators across the industry. 

AI platforms like Vidmob, showcased at Viva Technology, are leading the charge. As an official Google, TikTok and Pinterest partner, Vidmob helps brands to build and optimise high-performing creative for any digital ad platform by leveraging AI. The platform's vision embodies the spirit of Creative Commerce, aiming to boost creative expertise and enhance customer engagement for each campaign.

Practical advice to launch into Creative Commerce

Embracing Creative Commerce is a forward-thinking move and a necessity in the current business landscape. As a brand, here's how you can align yourself with the paradigm shift and stand out in a cluttered marketplace:

  • Collaborate across departments: Creative Commerce requires the seamless integration of marketing, design, product, technology, and commerce teams. Encourage cross-collaboration and infuse a shared vision that breaks down silos. It's about creating a symphony where all departments play in harmony.
  • Embrace a creative mindset: Move beyond the functional aspects of selling and invite creatives to infuse your products and services with an emotional narrative. Invest in storytelling and look at every product page as an opportunity to captivate and engage.
  • Stay open to innovation: Disruption is the keyword in Creative Commerce. Challenge the status quo and embrace technological advancements that improve the customer experience. From AI-powered personalisation to immersive AR experiences, the options are limitless.
  • Understand your customer beyond numbers: Use data creatively to craft personalised experiences. It's not just about demographics; it's about understanding needs, desires, and the journey your customer wants to undertake with your brand. Data should inspire creativity, not restrict it.
  • Invest in continuous learning and adaptation: Creative Commerce is ever evolving. Encourage continued learning within your team, stay abreast of trends, and don't be afraid to pivot when needed. Your adaptability will become your competitive edge.

Looking ahead

Creative Commerce is more than a trend; it represents a vital shift in the business landscape, moving beyond 'transactions' to create immersive experiences.

In the face of a dynamic and fast-paced marketplace, the mandate for brands today is to innovate, adapt, and wholeheartedly embrace the multidimensional world of Creative Commerce. This paves the way for brands to craft memorable narratives and establish deeper connections with consumers.

Creative Commerce is more than just an opportunity; it's an invitation to lead the way into a more vibrant and engaging future. Brands that seize the moment, guided by a vision that marries creativity and commerce, will thrive and set the standard for what's to come.

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