The hunt for a barbeque

Kellie Tang and Cassandra Martin
By Kellie Tang and Cassandra Martin | 7 May 2021

Kellie Tang is a senior media executive at Bohemia Group and Cassandra Martin is a media executive at Bohemia Group.

Overnight, we have seen Australians become enthralled by the clear storyline of a man on a hunt for his barbeque. However, through a media lens this can be further analysed. We use data everyday to make media recommendations and forecasts around consumer journeys, so this was a prime example of how we follow a consumer’s physical journey and also how we attribute this back to our channels of influence.

There is a very human element to marketing that we often miss when we look at campaign results, where customers are dwindled down to a sales statistic. The individuals get lost amongst mass impressions, that marketers view as simply a number or a target to reach.

This set of data has highlighted inherent uniqueness in each consumer journey through a very real life example. Working within this industry, it is our job to recognise this and accompany these consumers along the way. This has been a very timely and organic reminder of the human story behind every conversion.

Setting the scene - Friday Night, 8:45pm, Rushcutters Bay

It's Friday night and old mate has gone for the classic movie and dinner, probably date night with the missus. He visits Figo Restaurant, we've taken a look at the menu and what do you know there's 250g of Black Angus Scotch Fillet on offer for $43.

Clearly, this has triggered a need for a barbeque to recreate this in his own backyard.

The Hunt Begins - Saturday 1pm, Silverwater

He drives out of his way to Silverwater. Considering it is a bit of a trek from the Eastern Suburbs, he's clearly done his research and found the barbeque he wants. He browses through Joe's Barbeques & Heating and Tucker Barbecues but ultimately moves on from Silverwater empty handed.

Next Stop, Barbeques Galore - Saturday 2pm, Annandale

If you need a Barbeque, where do you go? Barbeques Galore. He makes his way to Annandale, where he's found the one. But as luck would have it, no stock. The sales assistant says, "But sir, we have one in stock at our Casula store!". He's already out the door.

The Finale - Saturday 4pm, Casula

With the Barbeque in stock, he purchases and we finally have our conversion point.

All that driving, time to refuel at BP Mascot.

BBBQ-Day...or night? (The Extra B stands for bring your own BYOBB)

Barbeque? Secured.
Guests? Invited.
Meat? Store.
Hotel? Trivago.

We now see a happy customer, ready to enjoy his barbeque.

Conversions happen everyday, we just have to attribute them.

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