Taylor & Travis’ touchdown: The biggest Super Bowl promo in history

Ryan Stubna
By Ryan Stubna | 14 February 2024
Ryan Stubna.

Yes, there were entertaining ads, but NFL was the biggest winner, thanks to the world’s biggest pop star – and the most high-profile relationship in modern history, writes CX Lavender’s Ryan Stubna.

For all the meme-ready, hilariously entertaining, cameo-filled spots during the 2024 Super Bowl, nothing came close to the success that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce brought to the NFL. An immaculate six-month campaign, kicking off with Swift’s first game attendance to support Kelce last September.

When assessing just what the NFL has gained from one of, if not the most, high-profile relationships in modern history over the course of Swift’s 13-match attendance (for the uninitiated, 13 is Swift’s famously lucky number – there are no coincidences anymore), the numbers speak for themselves.

According to Apex Marketing, Swift has generated over US$331.5m in brand value for the Chiefs and NFL. Ticket sales for Chiefs home games almost tripled once Swift began regularly appearing in the VIP box and merchandise sales for Kelce’s jersey increased over 400%.

Sales aside, the rise in NFL’s female viewership has been massive. There’s been a 53% increase in game viewership among teenage girls, and a 24% increase in viewership among 18–24-year-olds. 

The back and forth between Swifties and long-time NFL fans has been inescapable, with her attendance being labelled a ‘nuisance’, to Swift herself seeming to tire of the constant cutaways to her mid-game.

However, even NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has gotten behind the overwhelming new support, stating: “I think it’s great to have her a part of it. It creates a buzz, it creates another group of young fans — particularly young women — that are interested in seeing, ‘Why is she going to this game? Why is she interested in this game?’ Besides Travis, she is a football fan, and I think that’s great for us.”

Of course, this is great for the NFL, with the alignment of two very different brands and audiences, we are seeing advertisers who wouldn’t normally consider advertising during the NFL, easter egg filled stories ready to be deciphered and picked apart, and an unexpected union that has delivered sustained growth well beyond weekly gossip updates.

So, Super Bowl 2024 is over and has become the most watched telecast of all time, reaching 123.4 million viewers, something I don’t think the NFL could have possibly conceived of a year ago, unless you do a deep dive into one of the many conspiracy theories out there (US election, look out, Swift and Kelce are coming for you).

And I guess this also means that every cent spent by every brand during the game this year was a bit of a winner (even you, Starry, Temu and Toyota). 

Ryan Stubna is Executive Creative Director & Partner at CX Lavender


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