Strong Culture. Two words that have become synonymous with agency land

Sasko Bosilovski
By Sasko Bosilovski | 30 March 2023
Sasko Bosilovski

Sasko Bosilovski, investment director, Carat

For an agency to be successful, leaders instil a strong culture and when you look at great leaders, Phil Jackson was a great leader. Jackson was the head coach of the Chicago Bulls from 1989 to 1998, during which time Chicago won six NBA championships. He then coached the Los Angeles Lakers from 1999 to 2011, the team won five championships under his leadership. Jackson has 11 NBA titles as a coach.

Jackson was successful as he focused on installing a strong culture through building strong relationships with his team. He really natured his team often giving them books to read on “away” trips and mindfulness. he was invested in their overall wellbeing.

Jackson’s greatest legacy was his ability to convince his most talented player Michael Jordon that he needed to make his teammates better in order for the team to win the title at the Chicago Bulls. He explained to Jordan that if you can engage his teammates more, both on and off the court, they will improve significantly as a team, they will win titles and he will forever be known as a much better player. Jackson and Jordan went to win six NBA titles for the Chicago Bulls and true to Jackson’s word he turned Jordan into the greatest player of all time.

It is imperative for leaders to invest time in their staff/teams and build strong relationships. Building strong relationships is important as it helps instil strong culture and below are four points as to why which I always follow by:

1. If people think the leader genuinely cares about them, they will immediately feel valued
2. If the leader has a greater understanding of their staff/teams, they’ll will be better equipped to communicate with them and ultimately get the maximum out of their ability
3. When giving feedback the leader is no longer seen as the boss. They’ll be seen as an ally who genuinely wants staff/teams and business to grow
4. Staff/teams are more likely to contribute new ideas and give feedback to the leader which will grow the agency

Any agency's goal is to grow and imagine working knowing that your leader has invested heavily in you as a person and not just as a worker. As they motivate you to accomplish goals, the agency grows. I’m always investing into my investment teams as they are then motivated to grow, and the same time push me to grow as well.

Leaders are given tools to guide them with confidence and they will provide you with the tools for your own personal development to become the best person you can be. Not just focusing on their technical skills, but skills that will enable you to create a much better individual overall and value back to the agency. Giving my team the support, guidance and tools to grow is extremely important as it boosts their confidence and progression, it’s like a flight of stairs as everyone moves forward in their career.

Leaders focus on a strong culture as they will not only have an impact on you in the workplace but in your personal life as well. Imagine an agency where your team is your family. A family than just people you are forced to work with but work together to get the job done no matter the challenge. As an investment lead, I always make my teams work together to accomplish goals and forming a great team is extremely important in everyday life, both socially and mentally.

Leaders motivate as they push you to be the best version of yourself and don’t hand things over, at the end of the day they make you take it.

What type of leader would you want and what type of leader would you want to be? A leader that builds strong culture through building strong relationships is my answer..



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