Mood Uplift - Zac Kelly at PHD

20 June 2023
Zac Kelly.

AdNews presents, with the industry’s social enterprise MOOD tea, a mood uplifting series, celebrating those who have been behind bringing MOOD to life. MOOD is a purpose-driven tea brand created by the Australian media, marketing and creative industry to help fight youth suicide. 

There are some seriously talented humans who the team at MOOD couldn’t do without.

Zac Kelly, Strategy Director, PHD

1. What is your favourite moment you’ve shared over a cuppa?
A recent night when I was down in Melbourne catching up with friends I haven't seen in years. In true Melbourne style, the weather was cold, making a cup of tea the perfect warm companion as we sat around the living room chatting.

2. Why is supporting mental health so important to you?
Because the struggle with mental health is still largely unspoken, the statistic that 1 million young Australians remain silent about their struggles (Reach Out 2022) has left a big impression on me. Although we are making progress, there is still much work to be done. Alongside supporting great brands like MOOD, in my view, it is crucial to work towards establishing a safe environment where friends, family, and colleagues feel they can speak freely.

3. What’s your top tip for lifting your mood?
Exercise with friends. For me, that's having a morning coffee and climbing at NOMAD before work.

4. What is your connection to MOOD, how have you contributed?
In addition to consuming copious amounts and handing it out to all my friends and family, I contributed to the development of the media strategy for the nationwide launch of MOOD Tea in Woolworths stores.

5. How can we as an industry do more to support MOOD?
The first step is to have it in your office if you don't already. Then we can continue being partners by providing both knowledge and media opportunities.

6. Why is it important as a business to stock products like MOOD that give back?
Why settle for just any tea when you can purchase one that is both yum and beneficial for your mental health, while also providing a platform for meaningful conversations with your friends and family? Stocking this type of tea can not only drive profits but also have a positive impact on society.

7. What does your company do to foster a Mentally Healthy Workplace?
The one thing that PHD Media does, which I am most proud of, is encouraging us to prioritise our mental health by obtaining our Mental Health First Aid certification. In Sydney alone, we have over 15 employees who have completed the MHFA course. This means that there are always team members available to have a conversation with if needed.

8. What is your favourite MOOD brew?
I love a cuppa after a long day so the 'Be Kind, Unwind' peppermint & passionflower blend is the perfect brew for me.

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