MOOD Uplift - Rebecca Williams at OMD

27 June 2023
Rebecca Williams.

AdNews presents, with the industry’s social enterprise MOOD tea, a mood uplifting series, celebrating those who have been behind bringing MOOD to life. MOOD is a purpose-driven tea brand created by the Australian media, marketing and creative industry to help fight youth suicide.

There are some seriously talented humans who the team at MOOD couldn’t do without.

Rebecca Williams, Senior Account Manager, OMD

1. What is your favourite moment you’ve shared over a cuppa?
Sharing a cuppa with my mum in her garden is always my favourite, in the sun surrounded by flowers and plants.

2. Why is supporting mental health so important to you?
Mental health issues have impacted my family, myself and those I love the most for the majority of my life. Without services supporting mental health I wouldn’t be who I am today.

3. What’s your top tip for lifting your mood?
My top tip is sunshine, water and a good conversation.

4. What is your connection to MOOD, how have you contributed?
I supported the launch of the first media campaign for MOOD through OMD delivering over $10M in media value.

5. How can we as an industry do more to support MOOD?
Media is a robust industry where mental health is becoming more and more prioritised, we can best support MOOD through, financial support, events, and strong DE+I initiatives.

6. Why is it important as a business to stock products like MOOD that give back?
It shows as a tangible reminder that our agencies support mental health services and the health of our industry.

7. What does your company do to foster a Mentally Healthy Workplace?
OMD offers a range of support from a formal EAP program to hybrid ways of working to support work life balance. Our entire senior leadership team has been trained in Mental Health First Aid to provide on the ground support. We also have a dedicated Health and Wellness pillar within our social committee, The Voice, who promote both physical and mental health initiatives. OMD also offers a whole range of leave options and perks that aim to encourage us to prioritise our mental health.

A new initiative that kicked off last year is OMD Mental Health Week that aims to remove the stigma of mental health and encourage us all to speak openly on the topic. It aligns with World Mental Health Day where we were given the day off to spend in ways that nurture our mental health. The rest of the week was filled with great sessions discussing mental health with tips and tools shared for how we can all care for ourselves. At the end of the week, we received an OMD Mental Health Toolkit to keep on hand if we ever need it.

8. What is your favourite MOOD brew?
Be Kind, Unwind

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