MOOD Uplift - Natalie Takchi-Fleming of Dice Digital

15 June 2023
Dice Digital team sipping on MOOD: Charbel Hani, Natalie Takchi-Fleming, Kiara Donlevy, Jesse Lloyd

AdNews presents, with the industry’s social enterprise MOOD tea, a mood uplifting series, celebrating those who have been behind bringing MOOD to life. MOOD is a purpose-driven tea brand created by the Australian media, marketing and creative industry to help fight youth suicide. 

There are some seriously talented humans who the team at MOOD couldn’t do without.

Natalie Takchi-Fleming, Business Director, Dice Digital

  1. What is your favourite moment you’ve shared over a cuppa?
    Sitting across from my husband or one of my best friends and having a deep & meaningful chat over a cup of tea.
  1. Why is supporting mental health so important to you?
    I've suffered from anxiety and depression before and it is so isolating. Supporting mental health is so important for me because I want people to know they're not alone. I think more companies should be focused on making support accessible and helping to remove the stigma that is often associated with mental health.
  1. What’s your top tip for lifting your mood?
    Bad days are often made worse by feeling down on yourself about feeling crap. Put on some good music and be kind to yourself through out the day.
  1. What is your connection to MOOD, how have you contributed?
    Supporting with their organic social media.
  1. Why is it important as a business to stock products like MOOD that give back?
    I think there's still a huge stigma around supporting mental health. It's really easy as a business to say you do but it's in the action. Stocking MOOD is a way of taking action.
  1. What does your company do to foster a Mentally Healthy Workplace?
    We are constantly checking in on each other to make sure everyone feels supported. We also encourage personal days not just when you're sick but also when you need a day to, because sometimes you just need a day for yourself!
  1. What is your favourite MOOD brew?
    Sweet Lullaby


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