MOOD UPLIFT - Kate McIntosh of MAUD, part of Accenture Song

13 June 2023
Kate McIntosh.

AdNews presents, with the industry’s social enterprise MOOD tea, a mood uplifting series, celebrating those who have been behind bringing MOOD to life. MOOD is a purpose-driven tea brand created by the Australian media, marketing and creative industry to help fight youth suicide.

There are some seriously talented humans who the team at MOOD couldn’t do without.

Kate McIntosh, Business Director, MAUD – Part of Accenture Song


1. What is your favourite moment you’ve shared over a cuppa?
I love getting into bed with a cup of tea every night to decompress.

2. Why is supporting mental health so important to you?
Almost everyone is impacted by mental health challenges at some stage in their life, whether that be themselves, or someone close to them.

3. What’s your top tip for lifting your mood?
Getting outside.

4. What is your connection to MOOD, how have you contributed?
I lead the team at MAUD who developed the packaging for the new English Breakfast product.

5. How can we as an industry do more to support MOOD?
I'd like to see more agencies stock MOOD in the office.

6. Why is it important as a business to stock products like MOOD that give back?
It's another way businesses can give back to the greater community.

7. What does your company do to foster a Mentally Healthy Workplace?
Allowing employees the flexibility to enjoy a mix of working from home and in the office, support systems in place for those needing it, access to apps like Calm to help employees switch off and by fostering a good sense of community.

8. What is your favourite MOOD brew?
Be Kind, Unwind. But I'm excited for Jolly Good (the new MOOD English Breakfast that has just launched).

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