MOOD Uplift - Elin Matilda Andersson, Illustrator

29 June 2023
Elin Matilda Andersson.

AdNews presents, with the industry’s social enterprise MOOD tea, a mood uplifting series, celebrating those who have been behind bringing MOOD to life. MOOD is a purpose-driven tea brand created by the Australian media, marketing and creative industry to help fight youth suicide. 

There are some seriously talented humans who the team at MOOD couldn’t do without.

Name: Elin Matilda Andersson, Illustrator - Freelance / The Jacky Winter Group

  1. What is your favourite moment you’ve shared over a cuppa?
    I can't name one specific moment, but since becoming a mum 3 years ago, sharing the journey of parenthood with friends who had children about the same time (at the start of a pandemic, no less) has been absolutely priceless. The ups and downs of sleep deprivation, bodily (dis)functions, birth trauma, running a business, cute thing your kid did that nobody else really cares about, how you'd kill for an hour to yourself... I don't know what I'd do without these women in my life and our deeply therapeutic conversations.
  2.  Why is supporting mental health so important to you?
    I went though a really tough time as a teenager and spent most of my young adult life recovering from the trauma of body dysmorphia, battling feelings of insecurity and worthlessness. Looking back, it's just shocking to realise that I was just a kid when these dark thoughts started cropping up — and sadly how common this situation is. There wasn't much mental health support available to me at the time. I really hope that the increased awareness around these issues gives young people today more agency to reach out for help and receive the support they need, so that they can move forward to find happiness and joy in life.
  1. What’s your top tip for lifting your mood?
    A walk through the bush with my dog Party—or listening to a funny podcast.
  1. What is your connection to MOOD, how have you contributed?
    I have had the great pleasure of providing illustrations for the MOOD packaging!
  1. How can we as an industry do more to support MOOD?

      Talk about mental health issues, especially concerning the issues that young people face.

  1. Why is it important as a business to stock products like MOOD that give back?
    Apart from the fact that MOOD supports a great cause, it is a way to remind consumers that our choices and purchasing power actually matter. Capitalism doesn't have to be all about making some guy at the top wealthier. There's a way to run a business successfully while being grounded in community and champion happiness for more people.
  1. What does your company do to foster a Mentally Healthy Workplace?
    Well, as I work for myself (either from my home office or in a shared creative space in Surry Hills) my professional and personal lives are very closely woven together. I remind myself to reach out to my fellow one-(wo)man-band creatives if I'm feeling stuck, and likewise checking in on them. Having clear boundaries between work and home life is very tricky, especially for artists I think, but still important. Allowing myself to have an 'off' day if I'm feeling down—telling Elin it's ok to not always be 100% on top of her game and producing amazing work 24/7.
  1. What is your favourite MOOD brew?
    Happy Days!
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