Healthcare advertising agencies are demanding top talent

Kirsty Tavae
By Kirsty Tavae | 28 August 2023
Stuart Black, Amanda Fuller, Gary Pattison, Helen Graney.

Kirsty Tavae, Managing Director, TKR Group

It’s not surprising that healthcare advertising agencies are seeking top talent, especially in today’s competitive and rapidly evolving healthcare industry. Healthcare advertising involves promoting medical services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, and related services to healthcare professionals, patients, and consumers.

Effective healthcare advertising requires a deep understanding of medical terminology, regulations, and the ability to communicate complex information to diverse audiences.

As a result, healthcare advertising agencies are competing to attract top talent with a blend of medical expertise, creative skills, regulatory knowledge, and a deep understanding of the industry. This talent is essential for creating impactful campaigns that not only drive business but also contribute positively to public health awareness and education.

TKR Group reached out to the top healthcare agencies here in Sydney to address the talent shortage, the need for pharma marketers and the growing demand from their clients to build bigger teams to keep up with the volume of work across the industry.

Helen Graney, CEO, Jack Morton & Weber Shandwick Australia
The landscape of healthcare public relations is in the midst of a remarkable transformation, propelled by technological strides, communication upheavals, and a growing emphasis on patient-centred care. What once revolved around data dissemination and issue management has evolved into a vibrant arena where perceptions are reshaped, trust is nurtured, and pressing matters like health equity are tackled head-on.Healthcare PR has now more than a mere conveyor of information; it has become a catalyst of social change.

At the vanguard of this shift stands Weber Shandwick. Embracing the challenge of societal issues with the aim of driving change for the better. One example is our global Women's Health Initiative, where we aim to shape healthier futures for women by illuminating data gaps, amplifying women's health at crucial crossroads, and rewriting the narrative. It's a commitment to creating a world where every woman's well-being is a priority.

An ambition like this is attracting a fresh wave of talent. As the complexity of healthcare demands creativity and strategic thinking, Weber Shandwick (and Jack Health) is a breeding ground for marketers and communicators who thrive on campaigns that redefine cultures, spark conversations, and reshape mindsets. 

And that’s what we’re looking for. Talent that can embrace this exciting new era of healthcare communications.

Stuart Black, Group CEO, The Ward6 and Ward7 Group
If you think ‘purpose’ matters, then it’s hard to go past healthcare. The work we do makes a huge difference to the lives of everyone in our community, and the sense of satisfaction you get from contributing to that is immense. And it’s a growth sector. We need talented people to make the most of the incredible opportunities confronting us on a daily basis. At Ward6 and Ward7, it’s all about innovation. How can we use our creativity – our imagination - to change the world around us for the better? That’s the question we focus on, and we try to have as much fun as possible while we do it.

Amanda Fuller, Managing Partner at DDB Remedy Australia
“A strong and experienced business focused on health can only grow in this climate. As consumers are more involved in their own health decisions and better educated about innovations and technology to improve their health the entire industry grows. And the work is exciting, dynamic and completely surprising every day. I love the variety and so does my team. In one day we’re discussing life-changing treatments for rare cancers with top specialists, how to best launch a new skincare range online or in Pharmacy and the right strategy to relaunch an infant formula. But as Kirsty says, there is a talent shortage. We are looking for team members that fit our DDB ethos of ‘Talented and Nice’. People who are curious about human behaviour, proactive, nimble and of course are passionate about health.”

Gary Pattison, Founder and Director, Health IQ Communications
At Health IQ Communications, we take a customized approach to each client's unique needs, challenges, and opportunities. As Founder and Director, I assemble bespoke teams tailored to these specifics by accessing top talent across multiple disciplines - from creative and strategic thinkers to medical writers, technology experts, and more. It's this ability to curate the ideal group of professionals for every project that enables us to consistently deliver exceptional results.

Of course, skills and expertise are crucial when building out our client teams. But just as vital is each individual's attitude and ethos. After over two decades working in healthcare communications, "doing good" remains my north star and top priority. I only collaborate with partners who share this sincere commitment to driving positive impact in healthcare through their work. It's this combination of talent and shared values that allows us to make a meaningful difference for every client we serve.

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