Digital marketing trends to watch for in 2022

Jessica Miles
By Jessica Miles | 10 January 2022

Jessica Miles, Country Manager, ANZ, Integral Ad Science (IAS) 

Marketing by mindset in 2022

As the industry prepares for a cookieless future and moves away from defined audience targeting, advertisers have a significant opportunity to be intentional with contextual tools. It will be important for marketers to understand the context in which to engage the audiences as the mindset of a consumer reading business news is different from a consumer engaging with fitness content. Marketing by mindset will become key. The Power of Context in APAC report explored how context influences consumers’ perception of ads and brands.

The study uncovered that consumers are highly receptive to contextually relevant ads. Most APAC consumers — 96% in Indonesia, 91% in Singapore, 86% in Australia, and 75% in Japan — prefer digital ads to appear alongside relevant content. Another study, The Context Effect, shows that ad-context increases memorability up to 40%. These findings demonstrate that digital marketers can achieve higher brand memorability and elicit positive emotional responses from consumers by reaching them in suitable settings. 

Short-form videos will keep rising in popularity.

Both globally and regionally, the amount of video content on the internet is exploding given the ease of accessibility. eMarketer data predicts that by2025, digital video will reach 82.2% of internet users in Asia-Pacific We saw short-form videos such as TikTok and Instagram Reels gain popularity during the pandemic. I predict that short-form video engagement will keep growing. Not only have they become an important platform, but also equally critical for marketers to incorporate them in their marketing objectives, add in media quality safeguards while being empathetic of mobile viewing behavior - where videos are often viewed in vertical formats and become critical to convey the brand message as early as possible. Australians clearly enjoy engaging with video content, as per our MQR H1 2021 report which indicated that video viewability levels increased in Australia and it also registered the world’s highest desktop video ad completion at 78.3% and lowest drop-off rates. The popularity of video is set to rise in the future.

Hybrid Working Styles Will Aid Equity

My opinion is that companies that are flexible in taking the lead in the hybrid setup and creating a strong and inclusive culture will be able to hire better talent. Flexible workplaces can also tap into the talent pool who are at different intersections in their lives, such as women who are primary caregivers in their families.

According to reports, Australia’s GDP would increase by 11% if the gender employment gap was closed. Chief Executive Women reported the dearth of women in leadership or pathways to leadership with only 18 women CEOs among ASX300 companies.

For the industry to be successful it will require fundamental structural changes such as building inclusive working cultures and using this new world hybrid opportunities to normalise the return of caregivers to the workforce.

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