Bridging the Gap: Unifying the experience across Streaming TV, Traditional TV, and CTV in Australia

11 March 2024
Adele Wieser.

Australia's media landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, with traditional TV, streaming services, and Connected TV (CTV) converging in unprecedented ways. This convergence isn't just about audience behaviour shifting; it represents a golden opportunity to overhaul the advertising experience for all involved.

In recent years, streaming services such as Stan, Netflix Kayo, and Disney+ have surged in popularity, providing Australian viewers with unparalleled convenience and choice. Yet, traditional TV remains a cherished fixture in many households, valued for its communal viewing experience. CTV emerges as the intermediary between these realms, offering the best of both traditional and streaming TV experiences.

Envision a future where every viewer enjoys a seamless TV experience, regardless of the platform or device they use. Picture digital environments offering enhanced experiences with seamless live broadcasts, on-demand content, personalised recommendations, and curated, relevant advertising. This vision isn't just a distant dream but rather a natural progression of Australia's media landscape, driven by the efficiency of programmatic advertising.

Programmatic advertising, powered by data and algorithms, simplifies the buying and selling of ad inventory, maximising efficiency and precision in targeting. This approach empowers advertisers to deliver highly-tailored ads that resonate with individual viewer preferences, thereby boosting engagement and return on investment.

Consider the scenario of a football enthusiast tuning in to watch their favourite team play. During live events, ad breaks generate peaks in ad requests, posing a challenge for broadcasters. Without adequate programmatic infrastructure, the surge in demand could overwhelm the system, leading to missed opportunities for advertisers. However, with the right programmatic setup, broadcasters can predict and manage these peaks efficiently, ensuring that high-value bids secure ad placement and enabling brands to deliver personalised ads tailored to the viewer's interests, whether it's sports merchandise or exclusive VIP experiences.

Moreover, the wealth of data accessible through programmatic advertising enables media owners to refine their content strategies, recognise emerging trends, and customise programming to suit audience preferences. This cooperative bond among content creators, advertisers, and viewers serves as the foundation for a more efficient and targeted advertising ecosystem.

In the past, technology often lagged behind viewership trends, making it challenging to meet consumer expectations in the digital realm. However, today's advancements allow us to address issues such as ad duplication and traffic surges, paving the way for a more responsive and efficient advertising landscape. Embracing innovation and collaboration is key to propelling Australia's media industry forward into this new era.

Through programmatic advertising, we have the opportunity to create an ecosystem that delivers a seamless viewing experience for audiences while optimising operations for advertisers and media owners alike. It's time to challenge conventional norms and shape a brighter, more interconnected future for Australian media.

Adele Wieser is regional managing director, APAC, Index Exchange

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