AI can be your superpower…embrace it, with care!

13 September 2023
Rohan Sawyer.

Rohan Sawyer, Queensland Managing Director – Bastion Experience

It is abundantly clear that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the advertising and marketing landscape. This game-changing technology has the potential to redefine the agency world, but it is crucial to balance its power and responsibility to ensure it does not become a "job taker."

At the recent AdNews Brisbane Live” event, the buzz surrounding AI was undeniable. From personalised customer experiences to predictive analytics, AI is reshaping how agencies approach their work. It is where data, creativity, and technology converge that AI truly shines.

AI empowers agencies like Bastion Experience to process colossal amounts of real-time data, providing unprecedented insights. These insights, in turn, will fuel creative strategies, allowing us to craft highly personalised, targeted campaigns for our clients in the sports and entertainment industry. AI's ability to automate routine tasks liberates inventive minds, enabling us to focus on innovation and strategy, elevating the quality of work we deliver. Utilising AI to analyse data and market trends in the sports and entertainment industry, keeping clients ahead and discovering novel ways to boost engagement through partnership marketing. By striking this balance, we will lead the way in shaping a future where AI empowers us, making the agency world more dynamic and impactful than ever before.

However, amid this excitement, a delicate equilibrium must be maintained. AI is not just a tool; it is a formidable force that can shape the agency world's future. To ensure AI remains a superpower and not a job taker, it must be harnessed responsibly and ethically. The foremost concern is the fear that AI will displace human professionals. Yet, AI should be viewed as a collaborator, enhancing our capabilities rather than replacing us. It automates repetitive tasks and augments our efficiency, freeing us to concentrate on creativity.

Responsible AI adoption demands addressing bias and fairness. If AI algorithms learn from biased data, it can perpetuate biases in advertising and marketing campaigns. It is incumbent upon agencies to ensure AI is trained on diverse, representative datasets to promote inclusivity and fairness. Transparency is another vital aspect. Clients and consumers have the right to know when AI is used in campaigns. Agencies must be forthright about their AI-driven strategies and the ethical considerations involved. Education and upskilling are critical. To harness AI's potential, agencies must invest in training their teams in AI technologies and their ethical implications. At AdNews Live, it was clear that fostering a culture of continuous learning within agencies is paramount.

The journey to harness AI as a superpower hinges on a balanced approach of innovation and responsibility. AI should amplify human creativity and efficiency while adhering to ethical standards, transparency, and ongoing education.

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