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Pippa Chambers
By Pippa Chambers | 15 October 2018
Pippa Chambers

This is from the October issue of AdNews Magazine. To see it in-print first, and to support AdNews, see here. 

In the October 2018 edition, our first New Zealand special, you’ll find all the wonderful regular AdNews features, only this time we’ve booted out the Aussies and swapped them for Kiwis instead.

Meet the Team, Campaign Review, Spotlight and Spotted all feature fine minds and creative souls from across the ditch. We also speak to marketers from some of the country’s top brands including Burger King, Air New Zealand, Whittaker’s, DB Breweries and Tourism New Zealand.

On top of that we have dug around with some local media owners, media and creative agencies as we sought to get a feel for the market, people, culture, trends and challenges.

Our cover was created by one of the country’s leading creative agencies - Colenso BBDO in Auckland - and in Behind The Cover, you’ll hear all about the getting to the final execution.

New Zealand has a fantastic history and heritage and by exploring that “fearlessly and thoroughly”, that’s how the agency landed on the idea, Colenso BBDO creative director Mike Davison tells AdNews.

The shell trumpet 'pūtātara' (image below), which reflects a relationship between Māori and Pākehā, demonstrates a contrast of traditional forms of announcements/calling people's attention to news and modernity, and shone through as a concept to the agency and AdNews.

Davison explained how the idea alludes to a uniquely New Zealand form of announcement and is a great metaphor for New Zealand advertising, arguing that it could be deemed New Zealand’s original communications amplifier.


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AdNews October 2018 Cover

While eagerly awaiting the first cover concepts from our handpicked agency, I wondered what lush vision of mountains and magic the agency would conjure. When I saw the selection of initial ideas, I was impressed with the simple yet strikingly bold concepts.

There was no cliché smorgasbord of cheesy Kiwi themes but instead, three thought–provoking ideas, each with a deep–rooted and powerful story.

The striking image of the pūtātara instantly won me over. While it may be unfamiliar to some in Australia, the method of communicating over long distances with the highly prized ‘shell trumpet’ was used by the Māori people of New Zealand. As the possession of chiefs, and often preserved as family heirlooms, the image nods to the heritage, culture, and creativity of the nation.

It also serves as reminder of the simplicity in the formation of communication strategies, particularly in today’s world where it’s all too easy to get consumed with new, shiny, technology and data–driven approaches.

Senior lecturer at Auckland University of Technology, Dr Dean Mahuta, tells AdNews the pūtātara, which was used before the arrival of a procession, can be heard from long distances, and in many cases, each trumpet’s sound is unique where the identity of the group can be known just by its call.

The call of the pūtātara has also been used to transmit actual messages, however, it was more commonly used to give a signalling call or a call to attention before an announcement.

Mahuta and Davison tell AdNews that as a Kiwi company, for Kiwi clients, they’re both constantly learning new things about how to best communicate with its people.

“Sometimes we use technology. Other times it’s a print ad. I remember once we even built a treehouse. The reality is that it’s the simple stuff, like the pūtātara, that cuts through best,” the duo said.


This is the penultimate magazine for 2018, with our November issue being The Annual. This year sees us celebrate 90 years of AdNews, an incredible milestone for the industry and for us. We’re now busy crafting the bumper edition, featuring a look back over our own history and the history of Aussie advertising, as well as plenty of future–gazing, insights from leading brands and agency leaders, and of course, our incredibly popular Mock Briefs.

See: AdNews October Edition: New Zealand Special

Lastly, a reminder that our Lessons in Leadership event takes place in Sydney on 24 October. In partnership with MediaCom, and supported by Commtract, the event will bring together the most senior leaders across the advertising and media businesses who will share their stories, wisdom and tricks of the trade. Names already secured include Willie Pang, Melinda Geertz and Jaimes Leggett.

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