Young Guns: Giles Coloe at StackAdapt

By AdNews | 25 May 2023

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Giles Coloe, business development team lead APAC, StackAdapt 

Time in current role/time at the company? 

I was the first business development rep hired back in December 2021. Looking forward to becoming a sales manager next quarter!

How long have you been in the industry?  

This was my first job in the industry, I came from a SAAS and insurance background but wanted to get into the adtech space as I found it super exciting.

How did you get here? Was this always the plan?  

It was not always the plan but once I got a taste for the industry, it is so hard to see myself anywhere else. It is fun, challenging, and also extremely rewarding. I love how every agency and brand has a different problem to solve. Being able to offer solutions to a variety of clients keeps you on your toes and always thinking. I couldn't Imagine going to another industry after this.

Who is your right-hand person/who guides you day to day? 

Jeez, there are so many people who I rely on day to day. Everyone from my manager, Kelsey Martin to our director of sales, Berina Colakovic and the sales directors; Krishan Lal, and Crystal Cheung, as well as my teammates, such as Jeff Wong.

I honestly could name about 30 more people who I am constantly nagging but I'm probably boring people enough already with this waffling!

What’s the best thing about the industry you work in?  

It has to be the people. I think media, in general, is such an accepting space and freedom of expression is encouraged. I love being able to be who I am and I think that is part of the reason why so many people thrive in this space. 

And the biggest challenge?  

I find the biggest challenge about my role is the misconceptions about what we are about and what we are hoping to achieve.  I wish I could say I was cold-calling and emailing you to annoy you but that most definitely is not the case.

Whose job have you set your sights on in the future?  

I would love to be able to run the show one day, it is a long way off but I feel that I have a lot to contribute and to offer in helping grow a business. Not only as numbers on a spreadsheet, but also to make a positive impact on the people I work with, both internally and externally and help them achieve their goals—that's what motivates me.

I love being around hard-working and driven people, and helping foster those environments!

Where do you turn for inspiration? 

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by lots of incredible people both at work and also in my personal life, whether it be working with some incredibly organised and high-achieving co-workers, or my friends who are pushing themselves both in their careers and personal achievements, I am very lucky.

I don't have to look too hard to find people pushing boundaries and limits of what they thought they were capable of, which makes the status quo seem unsatisfactory.

Tell us one thing people at work don’t know about you? 

I am a compulsive over-sharer so I don't think I leave much off the table. However, I am a massive bookworm and I don't think many people actually know that. I am currently reading The Psychology of Money by Morgan House.

In five years' time I'll be… 

If I'm honest, I am not big on painting a big picture, I plan to keep doing what I am doing, learning as much as I can and saying yes to every opportunity that arises to grow.

I think if I do that I should end up in a pretty good spot regardless. However, I do think this question will be an interesting one to reflect on...

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