Young Guns: Chloe Swinton at oOh!media

By AdNews | 16 January 2024
Young Gun profiles takes a look at the young talent across the Australian advertising, adtech, marketing and media sector. Aiming to shed light on the varying roles, people and companies across the buzzing industry.
Chloe Swinton: product manager – enterprise at oOh!media
Time in current role/time at the company: 
I’ve been with oOh! for nearly two years and in my current position for nine months.
How long have you been in the industry? 
Four years. My first two years were in lockdown, so kind of makes me a Covid baby.
How did you get here? Was this always the plan?It was not always the plan. However, it was always at the back of my mind. Initially I studied nursing before quickly realising it was not the career for me (EW & kudos to nurses)! I always had an interest in media, so I moved to Melbourne and started my media degree.
Internships and networking played a major role in landing my first gig at SBS. I met so many amazing people who I can thank for showing me the ropes, keeping me grounded (reminding me we are not saving babies…), and imparting skills I still use.
Who is your right hand person/who guides you day to day?I have had so many influential managers across the years who have made the best impact on my day to day and continue to do so. Currently, my boss, Jamie Gill is for sure my right-hand person. No situation is too big or too small for his solution focused mind - which I admire.
What’s the best thing about the industry you work in?Slightly random, but I enjoy how ambiguous the media industry is to those who don’t work in it. No-one completely understands what we do. Those of you who are in media (and my mum) can all bond over so many aspects of the industry that no one else would understand! It’s gold. Oh, and the events are fun too!
And the biggest challenge?The never-ending to-do lists. The industry moves at a constant pace, and there’s never a time when you have a clean slate. The constant chase for adrenaline is addictive. It’s like Stockholm syndrome. But we are okay and learn the balancing act of our tasks. Or try to, at least!
Whose job have you set your sights on in the future?Real life: would be to stay within the Fly and Office environment and progress here at oOh! with those formats. Shamelessly, they are the best and I love them dearly.
Not-so-real life: probably someone famous and super talented and just be both of those forever. Or a nepo baby… I think?
Where do you turn for inspiration?My family. They give me inspiration every-day. So many different perspectives on life and a truly grounding source.
My favourite advert is:I have a few, but the campaigns that have a real purpose and evoke feelings are the best!
France Women’s Football Team World Cup promo 2023 is for sure my favourite. So smart and powerful. You need to watch if you haven’t already.Tell us one thing people at work don’t know about you?I love space. Weird. But it fascinates me, and I could spend hours learning about it. Did you know the sun currently has a massive dark patch in it called a coronal hole… google it! It puts everything we do into perspective.Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?I’m a strong believer in staying present. I see myself being happy in five years time and kicking goals for Enterprise here at oOh!

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