When gold is on offer why would you settle for anything less?

By Tim Murphy – Chief Sales Officer, QMS | Sponsored
Tim Murphy

Gold: the sense of the best that is achievable. With the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games just around the corner, the pursuit of gold medal performances is upon us as Australians prepare to cheer their favourite Olympians and Paralympians on to historic medal success.

Gold standard performance is also what out of home (OOH) providers strive for each day in the creation and curation of new advertising assets. Gold represents the best planning and the greatest delivery and is the epitome of excellence. Don’t get me wrong, second and third are still valuable, but in a competitive Sydney OOH environment, they represent a less premium, quality offering and presentation. 

When given the option, striving for and achieving a gold medal-winning performance is a decision which guarantees a greater return for everyone involved and brings with it all the positive associations - just like our world-class City of Sydney digital street furniture network, because it is a golden, global geography which covers not only the CBD but more than 30 of Sydney’s most highly valued connecting suburbs. This translates to the huge reach potential of 2.6 million people exposed to the brands the network carries every week, in a premium quality environment that is simply unrivalled.

The significant audience of high value consumers who are consistently exposed to this platform cannot be matched anywhere else in the market. Put simply, it’s a synchronised, quality, built-for-purpose digital out of home (DOOH) network that delivers winning customer amenity and advertising outcomes.

Our City of Sydney network takes the gold medal in DOOH because of how it looks and importantly, how it performs. It represents a pioneering and transformative digital network that sets a new gold standard for street furniture nationally and internationally. It embodies a holistic approach encompassing universally equitable access, customer amenity, ergonomic design, city landscape integration, intuitive wayfinding, environmental sustainability and leadership in sustainable practices.

It was the Sydney 2000 Olympics the last time the City of Sydney refreshed its street furniture. And just like Cathy Freeman’s iconic win in the 400m that same year, the symbolism and expectation of Sydneysiders for this new advertising platform has been met with jubilation and strong support from brands. The City of Sydney network played a key role in driving the 14% year-on-year growth of the industry’s “Roadside Other” category* thanks to the support of key advertiser segments including luxury, automotive, finance, FMCG, entertainment, travel and more.

Of course, when you’re the champion, everyone wants to beat you. We are seeing some try to mimic what our City of Sydney network provides, including how it’s innovatively packaged to deliver a proven digital canvas for brands to influence audiences. We’re seeing alternatives that are little more than a collection of different, often not-premium, OOH assets attempting to deliver the same numbers, minus the consistency of quality, format and results.

QMS billboardAthletes leave nothing to chance when it comes to preparing for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Every detail matters, every tenth of a second counts, every millimetre in any movement can make a difference. The same meticulous planning underpins the City of Sydney network. It delivers an aesthetic and amenity that is not replicable elsewhere, simply because it was purpose-built for global citizens, including residents, commuters, visitors and advertisers who demand nothing but the best. The impact of the network was evident in a recent Neuro study that found it increases long term memory encoding by 26% compared to the previous street furniture network.

This winning formula has been achieved via a network of screens, kiosks and bus shelters designed exclusively by world-famous architects to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving Sydney cityscape. With 10 times more digital inventory than the previous network, coupled with 86” screens that are optimised for attention – delivering 4K cinema-like viewing quality – this is a carefully and consistently curated series of digital screens, capable of generating outstanding communication and delivering strong results for brand leaders.

The network’s digital leadership has both revolutionised Sydney's street furniture and woven a tapestry of innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity, enhancing urban life and accessibility for all.

With these principles behind every screen, the built for purpose design translates to a of modern design series, which perfectly frames premium brand stories.

This gold standard in DOOH means advertisers get a digital communication channel whose reach and influence radiates beyond the City of Sydney precincts. The power of these screens and their locations means engagement with a high value audience beyond its 33 suburbs to premium audiences in geographically adjacent locations. This includes Darlinghurst, Paddington, and Surry Hills to name a few, that command the attention of audiences not just in the CBD or just in the Eastern suburbs, but also right across majority of Sydney.

We have considered this powerful reach and engagement in designing our go-to-market packages, enabling clients to craft the campaign to best meet their objectives. Our City of Sydney assets are enabled by data that orchestrates precise targeting to connect with premium audiences. Designed to offer the flexibility of different executional concepts and activations as lateral solutions for different kinds of reach and impact. This enables the best of efficiency on a cost per target audience basis and equally, the best of effectiveness on an impact and engagement basis.

The strength of this dynamic digital offering represents the gold medal in OOH in Australia and on the global stage. Just like the athletes in Paris, for advertisers, the City of Sydney network should be the focus of any OOH campaign serious about getting results. The consistent quality of audience, the rich geography and the creative digital superiority to tell a premium story all contribute to making the City of Sydney network number one, the best of best, the pinnacle, top of the podium and the gold standard in OOH.

The winner certainly is (City of) Sydney.

*OMA Full Year Results for 2023

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