What women want: NewsLifeMedia makes a research play

Sarah Homewood
By Sarah Homewood | 10 October 2014

What do women want? Men, and women, have been asking the same question since the dawn of time. And brands have been asking the same thing too.

According to News Corp's NewsLifeMedia division's latest research push, the key to understanding what women want centres around understanding their mindset.

NewsLifeMedia unveiled the findings from its Moving Mindsets insights project designed to explore the different motivations behind a woman’s interaction with the world, how this impacts their mindset at any given time and most importantly, what it means for a woman's relationship with brands.

The study has identified six different mindsets that women move between to process information and make decisions. They are; Social Identity, Intimacy, Status, Creativity, Expansion, Challenge and Achievement.

CEO of NewsLifeMedia Nicole Sheffield said: "The female brain takes in two million pieces of information per second but can only process 134 bits in that second, so how do we get through? A changing mindset can be a huge challenge to marketers when attempting to connect effectively with an audience and drive their purchasing choices. This is especially the case for women, traditionally thought of as a challenging audience.

“Lots of people claim to know women, however we knew from previous studies that she is dynamic and non-linear. Women no longer have a clear path to purchase, just as they do not have a ‘one-size fits all’ way of operating, engaging or decision making.”

“Brands must recognise and understand this to interact with women in a way that resonates with, and relates with, their moving mindset,” she said.

According to the study, women are using these six key mindsets as filters for daily interactions.

The research also highlights that while these mindsets are distinct from each other, they are also inter-connected. Women switch between the mindsets depending on the task at hand, their needs, and external factors that sub-consciously all colour their attitude and behaviours.

Research has been a theme in the industry of late as publishers try to find insights to drive growth. Bauer released its Insider's research earlier this year, finding that women's relationships with its titles and brands was similar to the relationship women have with their friends.

NewsLifeMedia plans to release a white paper surrounding the Moving Mindsets study, as well as introducing the study to the market via in-depth workshops with commercial and editorial talent across the categories of food, health, style, homes and parenting.

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