Unleash your [Dick] Smith

Rosie Baker
By Rosie Baker | 14 July 2014

Word-smiths, fit-smiths and beat-smiths are the modern day equivalent of blacksmiths and goldsmiths. This is what Dick Smith Electronics is channelling in its 'Unleash your Smith' brand campaign. It wants to celebrate the time honoured skills of making things, but with a tech twist.

The 'Unleash your Smith' campaign also shifts the way Dick Smith segments its product lines on its ecommerce site to list them around interests.

The new tag line 'Unleash your Smith' taps into the old traditions of 'smiths' having skills and talents to make things – or being a 'smith' and introduces eight customer segments built around interests like fitness, music and photography.

If you’re interested in music and audio products – you're a beat-smith. If you want fitness tracking tech, you're a fit-smith. Game-smith is for gamers, image-smith for cameras, you're a goal-smith if you want devices to watch sports on the go.

The website says: “You could say we're more Smiths than makers, in the honoured tradition of yesterday's blacksmiths or goldsmiths. Except today we're leisure-smiths, Word-smiths, beat-smiths, data-smiths, fit-smiths, you-name-it-smiths – using tech to make our stuff. There's a smith in us all, bursting to make something. So unleash your smith today.”

The campaign website features videos from modern Australian makers, or smiths, who have built things from technology. Malcolm Fraed, built his own self-balancing scooter, Alex McClung, a 17-year old who built his own robot and Ben & Tom from Optic Soup who make music reactive video art.

The campaign was created by IdeaWorks. The chain is one of the founding clients of Barry O'Brien's new media agency Department 212, and switched its account out of Carat in March. According to Nielsen, Dick Smith Electronics spent $13 million on main media in calendar year 2013, down from $16 million in 2012.

Funnily enough the brand didn't go with the tag line “Unleash your Dick”.

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