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Chris Pash
By Chris Pash | 23 August 2021
Guy Scott-Wilson.

AdNews last year launched the WFH Diaries during the depths of the fallout from the pandemic, a way of sharing how people were spending their days.

This time we're asking for a run down on how everyone likes to start their day working from home. Some dress to impress, others slip on the t-shirt.

And everyone has their own way to carve the day into manageable chunks.

Guy Scott-Wilson, Acast’s Content Director, Australia and New Zealand:

How do you start your today? Dressed in? Shoes?

I absolutely love lockdown mornings, because the stress of getting a tiny human fed, washed and dressed to get out of the door by a certain time  has disappeared. Mornings are far more carefree now, and we can enjoy the routine for what it should be- important family time. Our daughter tends to wake us up around 6.30am and without the commute to worry about we don't drop her off at daycare until around 9am so we can take the morning at our own pace, with plenty of time to eat, play and get ready for the day. A couple of times a week I try to leave the car at daycare and take my first meetings on the walk home meaning I've done a few hills and the best part of 10k steps before I actually sit down at my laptop.

Tips for getting through the day?

I know this is an obvious one, but getting outside and spending time away from your laptop or just away from meetings. Even on the days where I walk back from daycare I try to get out again for a lunchtime walk with my partner, or get out on my paddle board- we’re pretty lucky to live by the ocean at a time like this! 

Avoiding being trapped in endless video meetings is harder. I've recently started limiting all internal meetings to 15 minutes which has helped create more moments to do actual work, but it's also a good idea to schedule a day (ideal) or half a day (if it's all you can manage) where you have no meetings at all which you can dedicate to proactive work and follow ups.


Three words. Rolling News Coverage. I'm an absolute news junky at the best of times, but during the first lockdown of 2020 I was just hooked on the live blog covid coverage by The Guardian and the ABC. Great content, but the fact it's always there makes it a huge distraction and- let's face it- it's not too good for the psyche. I've started limiting my news consumption to a couple of podcasts in the morning (I can recommend Squiz Today and 7am!) and an occasional look at The Daily Aus on Instagram.

Upside. Downside.

The downside is obviously that the world feels fairly small right now. The borders being closed has been a particularly weird feeling for expats, and I know quite a few people who have had to miss significant family events back in Europe because of it. But even just day to day, when all of your work and home life take place within the same four walls, it's easy to go a bit mad! Getting outside, or working from the balcony or garden can help but there's no doubt we're all really looking forward to getting back to a mix of office and WFH. Seeing our podcasters using the studio again, and being able to duck across the road to the Madison for a quick pint all seem like distant pipe dreams right now.

The upside is definitely more time with the family. I feel really blessed to have been able to spend so much more time with my daughter than I would have normally been able to (although I also count myself lucky that I've not had to do home schooling). But apart from that, our business has grown significantly during lockdown and we've really benefited from the increased productivity levels which working from home brings out of our incredible team.




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