Sizmek ramps up - rolls out "unobtrusive" mobile video autoplay tool

Nicola Riches
By Nicola Riches | 9 July 2015
Sizmek follow the digital dollar.

Sizmek is continuing apace with its APAC action plan, following acquisitions and promotions in the region with the roll-out of Video Autoplay on Mobile via its rich media authoring tool.

Autoplay fits with common practice across the web, allowing advertisers to produce soundless 'teasers' for mobile video ads that play immediately upon load without the need for user interaction.

"This is a great feature, especially for entertainment content people like to see," said Rory Hallam, media director of Sizmek partner ThinkJam.

"By unobtrusively enticing users to watch a video ad, the Sizmek autoplay feature addresses a challenge facing mobile marketers seeking more ROI from mobile ad campaigns."

Sizmek says the new enhancement will give marketers the opportunity to deliver mobile video content automatically to a user's device without being obtrusive.

"It goes without saying that for our film and TV clients ensuring we maximise consumption of video-based content is paramount," says Pete Hotchkiss, Sizmek partner at Substance Global.

"To date, limitations placed on video playback led to frustrating metrics and less than ideal ROI from allocated media spend. This new autoplay feature perfectly addresses these key challenges."

Alex White, Sizmek vice president of product marketing said while video on mobile has increased around 300% over the last six months alone, marketers have been missing out on a huge opportunity to leverage it more effectively to connect with mobile audiences.

"Autoplay helps solve the problem by enticing mobile users to engage with a video, but in a respectful way, empowering advertisers and audiences alike," he said.

This fresh announcement follows a flurry of activity by the company in the local region. In May, it unveiled the acquisition of StrikeAd, a mobile advertising demand side platform, while in June it secured a raft of trading relationships with several of the leading programmatic display and video providers, created a new media hub and appointed a new VP - Ryan Murray - to man the ship.

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