Scope3 expands carbon measurement capabilities to include DOOH advertising

By AdNews | 7 December 2023
Brian O’Kelley.

Scope3, the collaborative sustainability platform leading the decarbonisation of media and advertising, has unveiled the addition of digital out-of-home (DOOH) to its emissions measurement.

With DOOH ad spend predicted to grow from $17B in 2023 to nearly $24B by 2028, measuring this channel brings us one step closer to understanding the total impact of digital advertising on the planet.

The expansion includes advancements to Scope3’s emissions model to consider the unique variables of DOOH advertising. Taking into account various DOOH screen types and venues, such as taxi screens or billboards, Scope3 has identified which factors need to be considered when looking at the emissions of the channel and how to approach reduction.

The model incorporates an impression multiplier which represents the average number of people within the proximity of a given screen to account for DOOH being a one-to-many format.

Granular and channel-specific data, including the geo location’s energy grid mix, makes it possible to precisely understand the source of emissions and identify meaningful reduction opportunities.

One of Scope3’s early findings from modelling DOOH is that the more sustainable advertising option isn’t always the smallest screen — debunking a common myth large screens are always the biggest emitters of carbon.

Insight and expertise from global DOOH ad tech company, Hivestack, enabled Scope3 to build the foundation of the model. Ongoing adaptations of the Scope3 model are supported by Hivestack and DOOH media owners JCDecaux ANZ, Go Media, and Lumo, as well as VIOOH, a DOOH trading platform.

These partners are the first in the industry to take action to minimise the carbon footprint of DOOH with Scope3.

Brian O’Kelley, CEO and co-founder, Scope3, said brands need a sustainability partner that can provide reliable emissions data for every channel in their media plans.

“Mapping and modeling a complex and interconnected media ecosystem can’t be done alone, it took a community of collaborators with deep channel expertise months of building and testing to bring DOOH measurement to life," he said.

"This advancement marks both an exciting and important step forward in putting valuable and accurate DOOH emissions data into the hands of marketers.”

Andreas Soupliotis, founder and CEO at Hivestack, said OOH as a medium boasts great potential and it's the platform's priority to put sustainability at the forefront of its future.

"This initiative goes beyond a singular outcome; it's about laying the foundation for a decarbonised ecosystem that will not only benefit advertisers, media owners, and data providers but will also pave the way for a more green future for DOOH advertising technology," said Soupliotis.

"We look forward to the myriad of opportunities this partnership will unlock."

Attributes from 100k screens worldwide currently power the Scope3 DOOH emissions model, with plans to expand this number further. DOOH is now accessible via Scope3’s API; the dataset will be available in the Scope3 collaborative sustainability platform (CSP) in 2024.

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