Perspective - The year we started to respect people’s time

By Nicole Miranda | 17 November 2023
Nicole Miranda, director of client services at Spinach.

The AdNews end of year Perspectives, looking back at 2023 and forward to next year.

Time has flown even faster this year than last, but on reflection, it also feels like the year of slowing down to speed up.

In times of uncertainty, it appears we’ve found a way to protect ourselves and regain some of the control we lost over the pandemic. 

We’ve all read the gazillion opinion pieces and articles, but I’ve also seen it in action – far more respect for people’s time, their capacity, and mental health.

I recently suggested to a client during a hectic week that we could do a face-to-face meeting at 8am.

However, I was quickly assured that it wouldn’t be necessary to spend my time travelling ‘out there’ at peak hour. A quick Teams to chat through a few simple questions would work just fine.

I suspect their inclination towards an online breakfast meeting was probably because they were working from home that day, but who am I to question?

Which brings us to the WFH vs. WFO thing. It’s still a minefield of inconsistencies that are unlikely to be resolved any time soon.

Perhaps we collectively agree to prioritise connecting face-to-face more regularly because it is, I don’t know, better? How else do we build meaningful connections and relationships if we’re never actually in the same room? Or maybe I’m just a bit old-school like that. Time will tell.

On the flip side, for those who have experienced real burnout having lost themselves in the vortex of a corporate organisation, or a client’s relentless business rhythm, it also appears that nothing bad will happen if we (wait for it) … aren’t in the office 10 hours a day, five days a week.

As for 2024, I don’t have specific expectations, but I’m energised at the learning curve ahead and the opportunities we’ll have to create differently, together.

Perhaps navigating an uncertain economy, AI, DEI&B, WFH vs. WFO means it could be the year of ‘Open to Learn’.

Is there a LinkedIn frame for that?

Nicole Miranda is the Director of Client Services at Spinach.

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