Media agencies on Seven’s polished ‘massive’ upfront

By Chris Pash and Jason Pollock | 19 October 2023
Seven's Massive Upfront.

Seven CEO James Warburton went with the tagline “That’s Massive” to present his content driven-platform, with a string of stars and executives telling a confident story of advertising opportunities, data and seamless trading.

Media agencies at the network's Upfront in Sydney noted Seven doing “TV bloody well” and talking a big game of fine targeting for advertisers, creating “meaningful change” for agencies and brands.

BVOD was centre stage with 7plus and the coming free streaming on AFL and cricket.

Steve Allen (pictured below right), Pearman’s director of strategy and research, says this year was a huge contrast to the way Seven went about telling its story.

Kurt Burnette, chief revenue officer of Seven West Media, wasn’t the main presenter focus, as was the case last year.

“Much more varied with countless and seamless presenters from actual presenters and hosts, to the executive team,” says Allen.

Steve Allen

“As is the case under James Warburton’s leadership, very polished presentation, script perfect. Very slick.

“Massive was Seven’s catch cry, and this they delivered on. Lots of moving parts brought together to make targeting and advertising on Seven considerably improved, easier, faster, better.

“Seven did not dwell on an exhaustive show-reel. Rather close to the beginning they had a very compact stinger reel.

“As was the case when the largest ever Australian sporting rights deal with AFL was announced, one of the largest announcements was the digital rights to both AFL and Cricket for 2024 onwards.

“Only a handful of new shows were announced. That was not Seven’s focus. More so they put the case that they had a stable of long time winners, to which they were adding a few new … Dream Home, Stranded On Honeymoon Island, The Wave, The Rise and Fall of Kings Cross, Made in Bondi.

“The main thrust was how they had brought technology in various forms together to make a vast difference to Advertisers and advertising experience. One of the big components is Phoenix.

“This was a consummate, comprehensive, highly integrated, responsive, research and tools offering. The best to date.”

Steven Flood

CHEP Network’s Steven Flood (pictured right), planning lead – media: “Maybe about a 30% shortfall of the claim of ‘massive,’ Seven’s upfront was solid, predictable and scattered with improvements that will deliver meaningful changes to agencies and brands.

“It’s great to see a TV business get back to the basics of doing TV bloody well. Clearly confident enough in their offering that they don’t need to reinvent themselves and they unveiled solid enhancements to their offering across the board without adding more stuff for the sake of it.

“Their strong and fairly unchanged content line up looks set to deliver audiences and the delineation of 7+ calling out that 55% of content watched is exclusive to platform positions it strongly against streaming rivals such as Netflix, Binge and anchors that ahead of Amazon and Disney+ coming in 2024.

“The biggest announcement is the shake up of the sports rights coming in 2024 and will make the sponsorships of those properties so much more valuable.

“2024 will be an exciting year for Seven.”

Andrew Murray (pictured below right), head of trading, UM Australia, says a robust line-up of programming across all screens will support the strong audience baseline across multiple demographics.

“The main highlight is the addition of ‘Dream Home’ hosted by Seven’s newest star Dr. Chris Brown, which should deliver for Seven in the critical audience period of Q2, 2024,” says Murray.

“The premise of the program should deliver a positive lift to the Australian consumer in light of the current economic outlook. The only doubt in their line-up is ‘Stranded on Honeymoon Island’ and ‘Made in Bondi’ which, to me, seems unnecessary compared to the quality of programming that Seven are known for.

Andrew Murray

“Their market leading sports offering will be amplified in late 2024 when Seven West take over the ownership of the streaming rights for all of the AFL and their Cricket partnership. This is a differentiation to other networks and will deliver strong growth to their 7+ platform which will be critical for the continual growth of audiences in the Total TV space.

“Solid development in 7’s ability to deliver guaranteed audience through their announcement of the Phoenix platform is exciting for agencies, however the proof will be in the execution, of which UM Australia will be excited to be at the forefront on behalf of our client base.

“The Databrick AI announcement is positive for their BVOD environment, not only for the viewer via an improved user experience, but also for also for advertisers where challenges in the frequency of which messages are delivered are a barrier for increased investment.

“Importantly, it will be critical for Seven West Media to open up this data for Mediabrands Australia to integrate into our Axciom platform to deliver improved business outcomes for our clients.

“In summary, the Seven West Media Upfronts delivered a strong sense of security for UM Australia when investing on behalf of our clients in 2024.”

Sarah Keith

Sarah Keith (pictured right), group managing director at Active International and Involved Media: “A phoenix and a massive beating heart, strong Imagery at the Channel 7 upfronts last night.

“The network delivered a confident and repetitive message…We are number one and we are here to stay.

“Overall the focus was on what builds those ratings foundations, 52 solid weeks of sport, quality news and the tried and trusted formats of Idol, the Voice,Big Brother and Farmer wants a wife.

“The standout new show was Dream Home hosted by Dr Chris Brown. Fixing up homes for ordinary Aussies (we need the microwave out of the hallway not a marvel in the bathrooms) vibe. Tugging at the heart strings and ready to topple the Block perhaps.

“Not ignoring that they have been down the systems and data road before, Phoenix and the Databricks partnership were presented with confidence and the sense that the delivery is closer than previous iterations.

“As someone who was in the audience in 2003 when Guy Sebastian won Australia’s first Idol it was wonderful to hear his new song and think about how great we both look after 20 years. His performance reinforcing the key themes of the night resurrection and immortality!”

Dave Levett.

Dave Levett (pictured right), managing director, Murmur-Group, says Seven talked a big game, promising a massive impact for brands, advertisers and agencies with a spate of new releases and launches.

“And they did not disappoint,” he says.

“There were several key changes to the 7 and 7+ offering, across both Content & Planning.

“For the first time ever, viewers will be able to see both the AFL and Cricket - every round, every final and every platform on 7plus. A chance for brands and advertisers to get their message in front of their audiences at key national moments - without a pay wall.

“7+ as a platform is also transforming, shifting from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ and relatively static UX display screen, to a personalised feed based on your viewing habits, interests and trends across all 13.5m users. This level of personalisation is so granular, it will also allow 7 to understand a viewer’s acceptance of ad load time in line with demographic propensity - meaning Agencies and Brands can now supply 7, 15 and 30s tvcs to the users that are more willing to watch based on Ad length.

“Seven also announced the launch of its new Media Planning & Trading Platform - Phoenix. A plug and play programmatic media planning tool, enabling agencies ease and pace to get to market across all markets and all platforms. The increased ability to predict audiences for the next 7 days with 91% accuracy gives agencies a greater visibility for Media Planning, impact and forecasting. A shrewd move!”

Andrew Markou

Andrew Markou (pictured right), media director, Avenue C, says he walked into Seven’s upfronts cautiously knowing that the Olympics was not going to be mentioned like previous years.

“Seven were deliberately familiar as they cycled through underperforming programs, maintaining fan favourites, and introducing new properties which borrow themes from successful formats (Dream Home & Stranded on Honeymoon Island),.” he says.

“The combination of the Cricket & AFL migrating to 7Plus, its exclusive content offering and new flawless looking user interface, all underpinned by personalisation will give Seven the upper hand in 2024.

“Whilst I walked in with caution, I walked out with confidence for not only myself, but the advertisers I represent as Seven continue to demonstrate how critical they are as a stable partner.

“With Code7 re-incarnated as Phoenix, we will see this new platform go head-to-head with Meta and Google, ruffling up some feathers like never before; with a total TV offering to claw back share from these digital only juggernauts. If Seven can get this right, they have the chance to lead a new era of trading for the future of the industry (pressure is on)!

“Seven showed a more sophisticated approach to 2024 vs what we have seen in previous years. Suddenly the boxes have been ticked, the rights have been secured, and the Seven Network are more ready than ever to take on the market without the Olympics.”

Marianne Lane

Marianne Lane (pictured right), head of investment, Kaimera, sees the Phoenix total TV trading system as an exciting proposition.

“As an industry we welcome technology which means an increase in effectiveness and the death of makegoods, because quite frankly, we’ve spent countless hours chasing them and it’s tedious for both agencies and the TV Networks,” she says.

“To have a platform which enables us to buy across all screens with guaranteed audience in a matter of minutes is a game changer.

“Seven’s plans to add premium, exclusive content to 7plus in 2024 is not surprising. It’s clearly worked for them this year with NBCUniversal content, so it makes sense.”

Lorraine Woods (pictured below right), national head of trading, Atomic 212, says next year is shaping up to be a very exciting year for total TV with the major headline being live and free access to the biggest sporting events streaming across all platforms.

“And Seven is at the tip of the spear with its major announcement of free live streaming of every AFL and cricket game for the first time in Australia, which will be revolutionary for both fanatics and also advertisers,” she says.

“We saw the impact the Matildas streaming had on Seven’s audiences and replicating this viewing experience at scale across major sporting events throughout the year will yield very strong results in terms of keeping audiences across the network and bringing in new eyeballs.

“Seven has a steady audience base with their long standing, core, consistent programming including the likes of Home and Away, Farmer Wants A Wife, SAS Australia, Australian Idol and My Kitchen Rules all returning in 2024.

“Seven has taken a huge leap in investing in new Australian content for next year. Tried and tested formats across broadcast televisions like Dream Home, Made in Bondi and Stranded On Honeymoon island should deliver on the appetite we have seen from audience viewing habits over the past few years and will pay off for the network.

Lorraine Woods

“There's a lot of excitement around BVOD in the market for Upfronts and Seven is offering a very polished and enhanced 7plus product for users and advertisers. It was good to see the content line up, proving to be just as strong as some of the SVOD content but not as much noise or promotion against it before tonight.

“I'm pleased to see Seven are also heavily focused on evolving the digital user and advertising experience when it comes to watching on demand AVOD content. The updated new features for personalising both user experience and advertisers should prove effective in an industry that is geared towards serving the right ad in the right content at the right time.

“Seven continues to make strides in its converged trading platform, now called Phoenix, reducing the time spent on bookings. Optimisations through greater accuracy in audience predictions and ad placements will be a key solution to combating audience fragmentation going into 2024 planning and buying.

“Coming into an Olympic mania year, Seven looks well equipped to compete. They are coming in with gloves on and ready to fight for eyeballs and advertising dollars next year.

Elizabeth Calwell (pictured below right), group transformation director, OMD Melbourne, says Seven weaved a clear red thread between its data proposition, the content that audiences want, dynamic interactive ad experiences and the optimum platforms for delivery.

“The partnership with Databricks leveraging AI to bridge these worlds is a smart and measured move,” she says.

“Their application of AI is particularly compelling in that it’s grounded in practical and tangible use cases for advertisers and audiences alike.

“Seven’s plans to leverage predictive customer insights to optimise ad load tolerance and frequency in coming phases of the rollout shows a practical thoughtfulness in their application of the most talked about tech that’s worthy of particular attention.

Elizabeth Calwell

“Beyond AI, a multitude of personalisation capabilities that can be combined (through their new Phoenix platform) were explored, bringing their vision for a connected, self-serve personalisation ecosystem to life. New engaging video formats, tailored to individual audiences, offer the potential for much deeper engagement than that of regular TV ads.

“Additionally, the steady growth to 13.5m registered users shows a valued focus on ensuring the shift to 1:1 isn’t at the cost of scale.

“The new partnerships with Raiz and View Media Group further enhance the breadth and depth of their data offering, with transaction level purchase data and property segmentation (respectively) both valuable additions for specific and timely tailoring of both content and ads. The proof will, of course, be in the delivery so the partnership with Adgile proposing to close the loop on converged campaigns is a sensible addition.

“There is likely going to require a continued mindset shift to move effectively from broadcast audience to truly dynamic 1:1, but if it all comes together Seven has shown they have all the makings of an impactful and relatively frictionless customer experience engine that rivals most with its connectivity, predictiveness and accessibility.

Ken Lam (pictured below right), national head of investment at iProspect, said he won’t be the only one quoting ‘That’s Massive’ in the coming weeks, which was the major theme to Seven’s Upfront.

“Backed by a strong content slate planned out for the full 52 weeks, it’s hard to argue that Seven won’t once again be able to deliver scaled audience for clients in 2024,” he said.

“But what would resonate most with media planners and buyers and me in particular, were their exciting announcements around their innovation and investment into data and tech, to provide greater confidence and ability to deliver against segmented audiences in an increasingly fragmented landscape.

Ken Lam

“First was their Databricks partnership which promises to predict audience delivery across a 7 day period on 7Plus with impressive accuracy using AI. Which in future stages will allow planners and buyers to get deeper into audience segments beyond demos, before eventually be smart enough to automatically place ads where it’s most contextually relevant by changing shapes of ad breaks and ad loads for more effective outcomes.

“The other hero of the night was Seven’s new trading platform Pheonix which replaces the troubled Code7 platform, to allow for dynamic and converged trading across every channel, every zone and every market nationally powered by Seven’s scaled audience intelligence and new standardised converged measurement VOZ.

“This will not only help with automated optimisation and guaranteed audience delivery, making buying Seven easier. But from the demo it looks to be a competitor to Nine’s recently announced self-managed Ad Manager platform which targets Direct and SME advertisers, in attempt to win back revenue from the likes Meta and Google.

“These combined with expected audience growth on 7Plus from commencement of streaming rights for AFL and Cricket next year will mean a huge scalable audience across Linear and Video on Seven, which allows advertisers to not only reach a Massive audience, but in a more sophisticated and smarter way, with greater confidence in delivery.”

Supplied: Chris Parker

Chris Parker (pictured right), CEO of Awaken, says Seven's announcements for its 2024 programming lineup showcases a renewed vision that promises both engagement and variety.

“Leading the pack is ‘Dream Home’, which has already generated significant buzz. With the enduring popularity of ‘The Block’ now in its 20th season, many have tried to replicate its success. However, ‘Dream Home’ offers a fresh spin with its tantalising promise of winning a new home, which could be the unique selling point that draws audiences in,” he said.

“‘Made in Bondi’ is another show to watch out for, reflecting a culturally relevant narrative that resonates with the Australian audience. Its theme aligns well with ‘The Rise of Kings Cross’, further emphasising Seven's commitment to showcasing local stories and histories.

“On the flip side, the focus of mega-shows like ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’, ‘The Voice’, and ‘Dancing with the Stars’ underscores Seven's confidence in its new offerings. These iconic shows have consistently drawn massive audiences, and their continued presence ensures a stable market share for the network.

“The introduction of Phoenix, Seven's direct trading system equipped with audience data, marks a significant step forward. As other networks begin to adopt similar systems, Seven's move indicates a commitment to evolving with the times. This system is poised to democratise advertising, allowing even smaller brands to find their footing on the network. Moreover, with AI integration, agencies might soon see an expansion in the roles of performance teams overseeing broadcast networks.

“Finally, sport remains a formidable pillar for Seven. The AFL, rapidly gaining traction as the nation's sport, boasts a wide demographic appeal. The acquisition of full digital rights by Seven means an expanded reach and enhanced viewer experience. With the recent buzz around the Olympics, Seven's sports offerings are robust, ensuring they remain a dominant player during the Olympic years.”

Joanna Barnes

Joanna Barnes (pictured right), PHD Australia’s national head of investment, said the Upfronts were entertaining, engaging and really well executed.

“Simplification and personalisation was the clear message for brands and advertisers,” she said.

“The new Databricks partnership signalled Seven’s commitment and advancement in AI which will result in a dynamic user experience for viewers. Ease of transaction through Phoenix was impressive and the plug and play across all platforms and markets with less touch points is a win for buyers.

“What was impressive was the association between the Seven user experience and the customer experience. There was a good amount of sports content and confidence in their ability to televise and manage large sporting properties through their experience of the most recent World Cup and AFL Grand Final. In total 52 weeks of sporting content did feel like a strong competitor to other sport streaming services with no subscriber costs and no premiums for key sporting moments.

“The culture of television with the dynamic nature of digital puts Seven in strong position going into 2024. It was very impressive!”

Louis Mayne (pictured below right), Foundation’s head of investment, said Seven has had a strong year from an audience share perspective, so much so that they are already calling themselves the #1 network for 2023.

“Add in #1 for news, #1 for sport and the current top five viewed TV programs being on Seven and you can see that they have had a great year,” said Mayne.

“Although with decreasing linear audiences and a narrative following YouTube’s upfronts that large amounts of people don’t watch any TV, they needed to back up the number 1 network with some tangible figures. 17 million monthly reach across the Seven Network, Racing on Seven reaching 7.9m across the season and a huge 7.3m tuning in for the Matilda’s semifinal are all punchy numbers and show us that they can compete with YouTube when it comes to scale.

“From September next year there will be free streaming across all sports on 7plus, which is a long time coming. It will be great for consumers as they will now have a more consistent viewing experience, gone are the days of watching the cricket scorecard on 7Plus.

Louis Mayne

“It’s also big news for advertisers as there is now another way for us to reach consumers in a free-to-view live sporting environment.

“Code7 will be renamed to Phoenix from September onwards and with that comes a range of improvements. Whilst the introduction of regional inventory into Code7 will help consolidate a lot of briefs, it is the introduction of peak and main channel inventory that is the game changer for us.

“Whilst I assume inventory will be prioritised for the fixed buying method first, just having access to main channel and peak inventory will enable us to buy a TV campaign in its entirety through the tool. This will be a big-time saver for the agency and see cost efficiencies for our clients, and from what I’ve been told, Phoenix should bring a massive improvement with makegoods, which is music to our clients’ ears.

“Just like last year, there is a big push from Seven to continue developing the 7plus app. Their partnership with Databricks is interesting as the personalisation capability looks like it can compete with the global SVOD providers. It should hopefully keep people on the app for longer, as the recommendations are more tailored to individual viewing habits.

“The new BVOD format 7CIC (Contextual in content) and the tech behind it are great and it will work well in programming that has a clear alignment, like a paint advert in a home makeover program. I’m curious as to whether the new tech will have the ability to place adverts in contextual environments across all programming; think scenes with people driving and an auto test drive advert, or people on the beach and a sunglasses advert. It could take contextual advertising on BVOD to the next level.

“Overall, it was a solid upfront from Seven, especially with what’s to come in H2 and should put them in good stead for 2024.”

Natalie Murray

Natalie Murray (pictured right), senior media planner at Yango, said Seven's upfront event was all about spotlighting their impressive viewership figures, revolving around the catchy theme "That's massive".

"The majority of their programs evidently struck a chord with a wide audience," she said.

"Looking ahead to 2024, Seven’s core goal appears to be maintaining their ability to touch people's hearts through their content and to continue shaping the industry's future.

"What really caught my attention was Seven's strong focus on their streaming platform, 7Plus. It's quite a game-changer that they've secured digital rights for AFL and cricket in 2024, essentially allowing viewers to stream these sporting events for free throughout the year.

"This is particularly significant for smaller advertisers who might find it hard to afford traditional TV advertising but still want to tap into the sports audience.

"The introduction of Seven’s self-service platform, Phoenix, also seems like a smart move. It simplifies the TV ad buying process for media buyers and marketers, offering campaign optimization features that promise more efficient and effective ad placements.

"All in all, from my perspective, the event was an exciting glimpse into what's coming in 2024. Their program offerings seem poised to boost their market share and provide a tempting proposition for advertisers and campaigns.

Adrian Roeling

Adrian Roeling (pictured right), managing partner at Hatched Media, said to borrow Sevens vernacular, it was a massive production, and one audiences have come to expect from Seven - quality entertainment, progressive, informative, with a healthy dose of comedy.

"A few laughs went down well with the large audience over 1.5 hours," he said.

"A clear focus on what makes Seven special, the networks ability to connect audiences and brands emotionally through cultural moments and the creation of content that is loved by millions of Australians."

"A positioning they take in part to favourably differentiate themselves against the scale of the global platforms. 

"According to Seven, “Sport is a ‘love letter to the nation’”. A Significant initial update included Increasing AFL, Cricket and other sports digital right remits, live streaming AFL and Cricket for the first time ever. 

"That was backed up by a strong focus on digital capabilities in buying, content and scale…proclaimed compatibility to their largest network and platform competitors."

Tom Macerola

Tom Macerola (pictured right), Sydney head of investment at Zenith, sad the message was loud and clear – Seven is massive.

"The battle for video is here, and Seven are challenging the status quo communicated by some of the global behemoths in market," he said.

"Seven showcased the scale of its network and the quality of its content, focused on engaging and connecting with the hearts and minds of millions of Australians every day. Will this help stem the linear volume challenges in market? Likely not, however the consolidation of sport digital streaming rights and the announcement of Phoenix are the first steps to a stronger proposition in market – a converged model that optimises to the audience, centred on quality content.

"Phoenix is an interesting announcement, as it is no surprise that Seven have been challenged in implementing a consistent automated platform that gives advertisers confidence in delivery. Will Phoenix advance the converged model for the network? It will likely take time to instil trust, however the partnership with Databricks, with its 91% accuracy in forecasting, should help build that trust in delivery pretty quickly and see advertisers explore and test the proposition.

"The partnership with Adgile is welcome news. Every converged buy will be measured and post-reported with a focus on attention. This will help drive trust rapidly and prove the impact of the new converged model delivered by Phoenix. It is a strong offering, and something I’m sure many will jump on.

"The most intriguing announcement on the day was the third phase of the AI rollout, dynamically changing ad load in line with the individual consumer to drive engagement, cut through and, ultimately, effectiveness. This should give brands the ability to have a more engaging and positive experience with audiences.

"Evolution in this space is needed, and I believe advertisers will be keen to explore more, as attention has been a hotly debated topic in recent years and those who are driving innovation to create better experiences and impact should reap the rewards. Whilst it does signify progress, I would err on the side of caution when thinking about the trading model. Many strategies to limit ad load have come and gone in the last 10 years.

"Seven will need to price this appropriately to generate interest and ensure advertisers see the value, something I believe they are in the best position to deliver to the market.”

Huong Nguyen

Huong Nguyen (pictured right), group business director at Alchemy One, said whilst a message of consistency and reliability may not feel particularly sexy against the backdrop of SXSW Sydney and ubiquitous discussions on generative AI, reliability and consistency and a deep understanding of what resonates with ‘heartland Australia’ may be Seven's biggest strength in these uncertain times. 

"2024 will see Seven continue from the momentum of 2023, which saw a combination of consistent performers and some huge bets paying off  with the Women's FIFA World Cup and 7Bravo up 203% since launch, delivering them the top spot in total TV," said Nguyen.

"I'm excited to see Phoenix in action, promising guaranteed audience delivery against all inventory, powered by VOZ data and using generative AI - we had to see at least one mention of AI! - and future iterations in delivering dynamically changing ad load based on contextual targeting and audience targeting, promising to be a huge game changer for agencies and media buyers.

"No doubt, the cricket and AFL streaming rights will be massive - adding 4 billion minutes of sports to Seven and, for non-sporting fans, there will be no shortage of content from 7Plus exclusives - another smart play - to returning reliable programming such as Farmer Wants a Wife, Australia Idol and new formats such as Dream House."

Kevin Fernandes (pictured below right), national head of partnerships and adtech at Havas Media Network Australia, said Channel 7’s Upfronts for 2024, in a world dominated by digital disruption and the ever-evolving media landscape, used all its star cast and heavy-hitters to try and set a new standard for broadcasting in Australia.

“The network had a few announcements of where they want to be by 2030, spanning from investment in artificial intelligence and marketing automation through Phoenix, live and free streaming for the Cricket and AFL – a nation first, announcement of new shows in 2024, and the integration of personalisation through data prediction in the Databricks project, showcased Channel 7's unwavering commitment to innovation, quality content, and staying ahead of the game,” he said.

“Using the backdrop of SXSW Sydney, Channel 7 harnessed the power of creativity and why through their content, they continue to be #1 in news, entertainment, and sports. With over 8,000 hours of news content and providing consumption data that covers a wide range of demographics, brands were provided an opportunity to connect with audiences across metro and regional Australia.

Kevin Fernandes

“Riding on the waves of what the mighty Matildas achieved in FIFA WC, 7+ would soon house live streaming of the cricket and AFL. This would offer 7’s consumers 52 weeks of sports content. Finally with shows like Stranded on Honeymoon Island, Made in Bondi, Dream Home, The Wave, Return of Australian Idol amongst others arriving in 2024, consumers would only continue to have rich and exclusive content available on 7+.

“Key highlights for me across some of their new tools included their automated booking system called Phoenix. Brands and agencies were provided a quick to market and guaranteed delivery product that would help launch ads using their smarts around data and forecasting.

"Also, through Databricks projects, we would soon have the ability to serve dynamic and personalised creative to different audience segments all forecasted based of 7+ data and backed by VOZ reporting. Lastly, 7 continues to be an advocate for good cause by helping initiatives like Telethon, Big Freeze and others raise money and smash targets.

Stephen Leeds CEO The Media Store

“At the end of it, if all of the 'That’s Massive' brand messaging wasn’t enough to invest more in their offerings, we were also entertained with the extremely talented Guy Sebastien performing. That was pretty massive!”

Stephen Leeds (pictured right), CEO of The Media Store, said Seven reminded the audience they are a content company, with diverse ways of distributing it.

"7Plus is a massive priority for them and the AWS personalisation engine was impressive. Opportunities exist for advertisers to interact with viewers in a personal way with AI serving ads and integrating brands they want to see into the content," he said.

"Seven are also changing the way agencies will interact with them. They revealed the Phoenix total TV video trading platform which, along with real time reporting and their guaranteed audiences across all markets and platforms, Seven calls a ‘plug and play’ offering."

Nick Behr, CEO and founder of Kaimera, said it was a succinct presentation, using their talent perfectly to take the audience through the night of what is to come in 2024.

"Through their Phoenix product and general BVOD programming, including AFL and cricket, it was a solid set up for 2024 while future proofing the decline of linear. Now that’s massive," he said.

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