How marketers are dealing with a massive shift in consumer behaviour in Australia

Chris Pash
By Chris Pash | 23 September 2020

Marketers are coming to the realisation that there won’t be a swift return to normal when it comes to connecting to consumers. 

James Lawrence, co-founder of Rocket Agency, says the market has changed from six months ago in the early days of the pandemic. 

“At the time there was loads of negativity and crippling uncertainty with many people saying: What’s the point. Just throw your hands up in the air,” he told AdNews.

Now he’s getting clients, working with reduced resources, who want to make an impact.

“They’re asking how to operate in decimated industries, to manage slashed marketing and sales budgets,” he says.

He and sales coach Dean Mannix, co-founder of SalesITV, are running a free webinar Tuesday, September 29, How to Market and Sell Remotely During COVID.

“It’s very different dealing with a consumer or a market or a prospect in Melbourne at the moment, or eight weeks ago, versus someone who's in Perth where basically it's business as usual and life as usual,” says Lawrence.

“When we're anxious, and there is general anxiety across the community, our ability to actually make decisions is massively deprecated.”

A key theme for marketers is how to reach people who are working from home, spending more time indoors and on digital platforms than previously.

He argues that there have been fundamental changes. 

“There’s no point looking back,” he says.

“A common question we're getting is: When will things get back to normal? Or when can we go back to doing X?

“The businesses and the people I'm seeing who are flourishing are the ones that know there’s no point looking back anymore.

“It's now about looking forward and it’s beyond doubt now that things actually have changed meaningfully in terms of digitalisation, work from home and hybrid working from home and remote selling, Teams and Zoom.

“We’ve probably fast tracked technological development from 15 years in six months.”

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