Digital disruptors boost overall radio audience - Pandora MD

Rachael Micallef
By Rachael Micallef | 22 February 2016
Jane Huxley

Pandora managing director Jane Huxley says the streaming service has been a boon for terrestrial radio in forcing the landscape to evolve and innovate.

Huxley was speaking at PauseFest last week on digital disruptors when asked about how she thought radio would react to the increasing audience of digital competitors like Pandora, which bills itself as an online radio platform.

“Like any disruptor we're really just focused on providing a better products,” Huxley says.

“When a disruptor comes along it is incumbent on those in the industry to evolve their product to focus on their listener and to make sure they are delivering value.”

Huxley says that not only is the radio industry upping its game, she sees Pandora as a beneficial push for the industry at large.

Pandora has been a controversial force in the radio landscape, with Commercial Radio Australia CEO Joan Warner previously calling it a “streamed music service” and not radio.

However Huxley says with more people able to listen to radio through Pandora's digital platform, it means the audience has become 24/7 rather than tethered to the kitchen or car radio.

“All boats rise with the tide. I look at Nova, ARN, SCA as competitors that are in the cross-hairs of what we do everyday and they're not sitting still,” Huxley says.

“But when you add in a digital disruptor you add volume to a market that wasn’t there before. So we are increasing the audience broadly and it is up to anyone in the market to compete for audience with the best products.

“I do ultimately think that the listeners will win.”

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