Danny Bass gets back at Spotify with help from his friends

Danny Bass
By Danny Bass | 15 May 2014
GroupM's Danny Bass.

Dear Pru… Kate

Yesterday, you wrote an interesting piece on why revenue is not flowing to Spotify at the rate you’d expect. Not sure if it a cry for help or just stating that you never give me your money. I was going to let it be but thought I’d write an open letter in response – just from me to you, with a little help from my friends in the agencies. We’re a pretty easy target in agency land, but listen – do you want to know a secret?

Across the universe of media agencies here there and everywhere – the vast majority of agency staff are working eight days a week to provide our clients with the best possible service, insights and knowledge on where the best opportunities to spend their media dollars are. We’re in the middle of a media revolution. And I want you to understand that in my life we have never seen the speed of change effect us in the way it is now. A day in the life of a media buyer is difficult one – there’s many a hard days night spent putting plans together, meeting media owners, keeping up with change and getting it to all come together is no mean feat.

Given the growth of Spotify has come from Northern Europe – maybe it’s because it’s different for media buyers if they’re Swedish, Dutch or Norwegian. Would (cough) you not agree?

With the benefits of technology it’s certainly getting better and we are certainly trying to get back to all media owners with ideas on how to best work with us. We don’t want you running 'round in circles. I feel fine that we are doing everything we can to help you.

You’ve made some great strides in building the profile of Spotify across the group but if you’re going to be taking us on in this way, I fear you’re going to lose that girl.

You said it’s your birthday next week and hopefully all the agencies are still invited. I hope so because I’m sure we can work it out. It would please please me enormously if we could chat about this. Come over to Berry St, happy to come to you – hell why don't we do it in the road?

Don’t let me down,

All my loving,



*with enormous apologies to Lennon & McCartney - all tracks on Pandora radio.


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