Creative Insights: Awaken's Amelia Morgan on her secret sauce

By Ruby Derrick | 11 October 2023
Creative Insights is an AdNews series investigating and revealing the secrets of the creative side of advertising. 
Amelia Morgan: creative lead at Awaken 
How did you fall into the industry? Was it deliberate or a misstep?
I started out with a Science degree and had my goals set on becoming a doctor. After a talk at university from a creative ad director, my creative mind was set alight and I realised there and then that that was where I wanted my career path to go.
I’ve dabbled with being in front of the camera and would leave buzzing whenever I was on set, but quickly realised that my true passion lay behind the camera - on set, as a hobby photographer and working closely with designers.
What’s your secret sauce for commercial creativity?
Go with your gut, follow your instincts and give in to your five senses. You want to reach the audience on a personal level and initiate a connection, rather than telling them how to feel.

What’s the biggest hurdle now for creatives?
Everyone is flooded with ads daily, so people are becoming numb to them. Also with AI being so readily accessible, anyone can create something that looks pretty, but a true creative will be able to develop a concept that is relevant, memorable, disruptive and (with budgets being squeezed) have longevity.

Can commercial creativity only take place in a room full of people in black T-shirts?
In the shower, on a run, bouncing ideas off of fluoro clad humans over a bottle of wine…whatever gets your mind rolling!

Do you wear the black t-shirt uniform or are you a nonconformist?
I don’t fit the creative stereotype. In my wardrobe, heels and skirts trump trendy trainers and jeans. 
What was the latest campaign you worked on that you really enjoyed?
We recently set out to the centre of the Stockton Sand Dunes with a treadmill, some talent and workout gear to create a battery ad…we can’t wait to be able to share that ad with you all!

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