Account Madness - Jemma Diamond, Hatched

By AdNews | 25 March 2024
Jemma Diamond.

This series of articles looks at the world of the account manager.

This time we talk to Jemma Diamond, Senior Account Executive, Hatched.

How did you end up in account management? Was it by design or a cosmic accident?

We’ll let’s just say it wasn’t exactly part of my grand plan. Before diving headfirst into the corporate pool, I dipped my toes into various ponds – think market research, call centres, and even a stint in the colourful world of retail. It was like I was on a cosmic scavenger hunt for my true calling and little did I know, each stop was adding a new tool to my utility belt.

But here’s the kicker – those seemingly random gigs turned out to be the perfect boot camp for account management! It's like all those odd jobs were training me for the big leagues without me even realising it.

Sure, not everyone has the natural flair for account management, but somehow, it just clicked for me. I guess you could say I stumbled into it with a bag full of unexpected skills and a knack for turning challenges into opportunities. So here I am, rocking the account management scene like it's nobody's business!

How do you deliver client objectives with the ever-growing landscape of media channels?

Media is like a bit like a dance and like any routine, it’s always stronger in numbers. Our team is constantly making sure they’re up to date on the latest trends while staying flexible to meet our clients' goals.

It's all about staying nimble and tuned in. It also helps to have a solid partner. Collaborating with colleagues adds a layer of enjoyment to the process and it fosters creativity, motivation, and adds some fun to the day-to-day. I believe that when you enjoy what you’re doing, the passion shines through in delivery.

What strategies do you employ to clearly convey media recommendations to clients and address client feedback?

I tailor my communication style to each client, throwing in visuals or non-media jargon when necessary. It’s all about tuning in and listening carefully to your client’s goals, then creating a recommendation in a crystal-clear way, making sure to sprinkle in those sweet benefits while tying it back to the grand strategy and objectives.

And when it comes to feedback? We always ask for it, because it’s the only way to improve for next time. It’s important to keep the vibe collaborative and provide regular updates. At the end of the day, my goal is to ensure every interaction leaves clients feeling heard, valued, and confident in the path forward.

How to build strong relationships with clients?

Clear and consistent communication is vital for strong client relationships. Addressing client concerns promptly and being responsive to their inquiries shows prioritisation of their needs. Trust, honesty, and accountability are foundational, while understanding clients' needs allows for tailored approaches. I try to personalise each meeting, each conversation, by remembering details and showing genuine interest, strengthens connections.

And, who says business can't be a blast? I believe in embracing the fun, thinking outside the box and bringing personality to client interactions. Engaging activities can strengthen your bond which makes for even better output.

Building relationships is undoubtedly challenging, but when approached correctly, it transforms the dynamic into more of a partnership, fostering mutual growth and success.

 Do you have any go-to tips for navigating challenging conversations with clients? And effectively selling an idea.

Challenging conversations with clients can be daunting but remember it’s about keeping things professional and focused on business. Stay cool, calm, and collected. Employ active listening and empathy. Keep an eye on their body language and tone – those little cues can be goldmines of insight. Stay true to who you are but tailor your approach to suit your clients’ communication style and receptiveness.

By focusing on collaboration and problem-solving, the conversation can shift from 'what went wrong' to 'let's resolve this together’.

Oh, and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. How else will you understand and address their concerns? Sometimes, communication breakdowns are unavoidable. But when your idea aligns with your client’s objectives, it's vital to support yourself and your team, but also adapt your communication style as required.

Employing tactics like visuals, case studies, or data can help.

Are there any emerging trends or challenges in the industry that account management teams should be prepared for?

You bet there are!

Clients are always craving the ‘wow’ factor. As the pendulum swings toward tailored approaches, account management teams must establish clear client expectations from the start of the relationship. It’s important to do the research and be aware of emerging trends, such as the impact of digital transformation and data privacy regulations.

A keen interest in consumer behaviour helps with the challenge of capturing attention in today's blink-and-you-miss-it world. It's a fascinating aspect of our work. Personally, I thrive on this challenge. It requires constant communication with other teams, staying updated through diligent research, and always being aware of industry trends. While it's a dynamic landscape, it's precisely what makes our strategies so rewarding when they hit the mark.

What advice would you give your younger self when you first started out in account service?

Embrace those challenges fearlessly, dive into the unknown, and take inspiration from Hamish and Andy as you infuse a bit of gusto into every step of the journey. Sure, it might feel like diving into the deep end of the pool at first, but trust me, every splash is a lesson waiting to be learned. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone because that's where the real magic happens. And remember, amid the chaos and confusion, stay curious and embrace the adventure.

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