WSFM unveils cheeky campaign for Jonesy & Amanda

7 May 2024

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Bringing the Jonesy & Amanda action figures into the real world.

WSFM has launched a cheeky marketing campaign for the Jonesy & Amanda Breakfast Show that brings the Jonesy & Amanda action figures into the real world.

Featuring the taglines 'They’re a bit cheeky', 'They’re good eggs' and 'They’re good in a crisis', this latest iteration sees the action figures come to life in various real-world scenarios, interacting with their audience through audio that perfectly captures the wit and banter of the show.

From the beach to a household kitchen and even the back of a Mustang, the Jonesy & Amanda action figures inject fun and mischief into everyday settings.

Since their debut in August 2021, the Jonesy & Amanda action figures have delighted audiences with their authenticity, humour, and charm. 

ARN chief strategy & connections officer Lauren Joyce said after a few trips to the doll hospital following an unfortunate incident with Amanda’s dog Mini, it’s great to be breathing new life into the concept. 

"The focus remains on using Jonesy & Amanda’s trademark wit and banter to bring the dolls to life, but showing how the pair interact with the listener better reflects the role they play in the audiences’ lives every morning," she said.

"Our goal was to use their content to sell the content and that’s precisely what this campaign does well.”

Developed in-house, the campaign launched this week and is being supported across all mediums – out-of-home, transit, TV, social, digital, print and radio.



Creative: ARN VP Team & ARN Marketing

Chief Connections Officer – Lauren Joyce

Marketing Director – Donna Gordon

Senior Brand Manager (Pure Gold Network) – Erin Donati

Senior Marketing Executive – Alicia Brown

Marketing Coordinator – Lachlan McKenna

Executive Producer – Sean Vandenberg

Director – Becky Lillyman

Creative Director – Ante Miocic

DOP – Michael Jackson, Jungle Drum Media

GFX – Nick Palin

Design – Steve Liu & Jarryd Haefele

Sound Design – Todd Falusi and Anthony Badolato

Media Buy – Initiative

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