WorkSafe Victoria's 'It Comes In Many Forms' via TBWA\Melbourne

23 June 2022

Creative Agency: TBWA (VIC)
Media Agency: OMD

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Ensuring employers know their obligations and workers understand that they have rights under the OHS Act.

WorkSafe Victoria has launched 'It Comes In Many Forms' via TBWA\Melbourne.

The campaign focuses on educating employers and empowering employees to speak up about inappropriate behaviour and promote an inclusive workplace.

The 30 second clip portrays the ways workplace gendered violence can present itself and encourages the audience seek help with the appropriate channels if ever they're made to feel uncomfortable in their working environment.

The campaign has been designed to protect workers who are more likely to experience work-related gendered violence, including women, young workers, workers who are apart of the LGBTIQA+ community,as well as individuals from culturally diverse or migrant backgrounds, with disability, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers.

A survey from the Australian Human Rights Commission in 2018 found that nationally, one in three people had been sexually harassed at work in the past five years. 80% of these incidents had never been reported through formal channels. 

WorkSafe executive director of external affairs, Sam Jenkin says: “Our research shows that many people don’t understand the term gendered violence and what it entails. This campaign ensures employers know their obligations and workers understand that they have rights under the OHS Act."

'It Comes In Many Forms' is now running in cinemas, social media, online, print and radio.


Creative agency: TBWA\Melbourne

 Client: WorkSafe Victoria

  • Kristy Taylor: Director, Marketing 

  • Jessica McGlinchey: Marketing Manager

  • Chelsea Nankervis: Senior Marketing & Communications Advisor

  • Production Company: Heckler

  • Media: OMD

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