Whiddon's 'When I'm Older' via Ardent Communications

15 January 2024

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Seeking to attract and retain members of the care workforce amid industry challenges.

Australian aged care provider Whiddon has launched the latest chapter of its ‘Looking Forward’ brand campaign, the emotive 'When I'm Older TVC. 

Partnering with full-service independent marketing agency Ardent Communications, the campaign draws inspiration from Whiddon's core value of innovation and highlights its commitment to delivering pioneering and dynamic support to everyone entrusted in its care.

The 'Looking Forward' campaign captures thought-provoking calls-to-action and showcases Whiddon’s commitment to enriching the lives of residents and clients through its models of care and creative ageing programs.

The creative roll-out and media integration of Whiddon’s brand campaign has been brought to life in partnership with Ardent Communications, with local press, OOH, direct mail, and paid media executions already in market.

The campaign rollout showcases Whiddon's brand promise of providing exceptional care and runs concurrently with the provider’s employee value proposition campaign, ‘Passion with Purpose’, seeking to attract and retain members of the care workforce amidst current industry challenges.

The final element of the brand campaign rollout has been brought to life through the 'When I'm Older’ TVC. Building on the ‘Looking Forward’ concept the TVC illuminates a rich and valued life journey and seamlessly brings to life the campaign messaging as children reflect on the simple phrase, “when l'm older…"

Whiddon CEO, Chris Mamarelis, says at Whiddon, the team believe that getting older should be a rich and rewarding journey for everyone.

"That’s why we’re always looking forward. Our new campaign brings our guiding principle of innovation to life," says Mamarelis.

"We are excited to showcase our ongoing commitment to provide innovative care and tailored support to our community. Through this campaign, we hope to inspire others to join us on a journey of looking forward at Whiddon.”

Managing director of Ardent Communications, Danny Massa, says the agency's partnership with Whiddon has produced a campaign that has been thoughtfully executed.

"And delivers on seamless synergy between creative and media to achieve rich storytelling across a variety of consumer touchpoints," says Massa.

Whiddon’s ‘When l Grow Up’ TVC will be live across regional New South Wales and Southeast Queensland markets from January 14, with the ‘Looking Forward’ brand campaign to continue evolving over the course of a refreshed 2024 rollout.

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